Week by week Pregnancy Symptom during Second Trimester

Posted on Mar 1 2019 - 12:52pm by poonam

Week by week pregnancy symptom during your second trimester:

Once you have crossed the first trimester it is very important to know that you are in the most crucial phase of your pregnancy. Frequent hospital visits and checks are about to start. By the second trimester, you will start seeing a lot of aggressive changes in your body. This is due to the fact that the fetus will now start to develop bones and other internal organs. You might also be facing certain gynecological issues like uterus irritation, frequent urination and other symptoms. If the symptom is disturbing and causing problems to your daily activity it is very important you visit the nearest best gynecology clinics in Chennai or any other city you belong to.

Week 13: This is the time you might already have started to feel clumsy and irritated. Your mood swings will be at its peak as it will going to end and come again during your 4th trimester. Relaxin is the hormone that messes up during your pregnancy and during the 2nd trimester this hormone is secreted more and this causes loosening of your ligaments and joints and prepared you for labour. The negative part is, this hormone has an effect on your entire body and hence you might start feeling week.

Week 15: Changes in skin and hair are very common. You might undergo skin redness or even blackening of skin. This is generally seen around your nipples, areolas, armpits and inner thighs. This effect is called chloasma which is very evident under your eyes, nose, and cheeks. There is nothing to worry as all these symptoms are very common.

Week 17: This is the period where your belly starts developing to the full round form. This is the time where your belly will be very evident to the outside world. People can easily spot that you are pregnant. Your uterus will also start expanding preparing for labor.

Week 19: This is the time you might start to notice the pregnancy weight and you cannot walk or do things as gracefully you used to do. Your growing belly will alter the center of gravity of your body and thus will cause a lot of slips and falls. You must not give up during this period and start taking short walks. It is advised to start pregnancy yoga during this period as it is will help you ease the pain.

Week 21: Your body would have completely transformed and you might start to wonder every time you look at the mirror that you are not the same person whom you used to be. But please understand that your body is preparing itself for the delivery of your cute little one. Every women will have the feeling of a letdown but do not worry it is just the time of the year where you need to undergo this.

Week 24: You might start noticing changes in your mood, there are also certain changes in your libido levels. It will be at the lowest and sex will be the least priority of all.

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