Vega Eye shadow Brush (M) Review

Posted on Nov 4 2012 - 3:39pm by poonam

Vega Eye shadow Brush (M) Review

Product Claims: This brush has been designed for the even spreading and blending of Eye Shadow. The special shape of this brush is specially designed for the eyes so that the deposits are not made in patch but gets distributed evenly. Always use a separate brush for each color. One brush should be kept for shading and one brush should be kept for highlighting.


Price: – Rs.60

My experience with Vega Eye shadow Brush (M) :-

The brush has long and flat bristles. The bristles are soft but the thickness is almost negligible.


The bristles are nicely packed and the length of the bristles makes it apt for picking up the eye shadows and patting it over the lids. It does apply eye shadow nicely all over the lid but it is not a fluffy brush so doesn’t help in blending the eye shadow. I did give it a try at blending the eye shadow over the crease but it failed miserably as its firm bristles feel hard against the skin. However, the thin shape of the bristles makes it suitable for applying the eye shadow to the lower lash-line precisely. Its sturdy bristles also do a decent job in defining the eyes makeup.


The length of the brush handle is neither too long not too short which makes it easy to use while working with the eye shadow. I was happy to see that it doesn’t shed a single bristle on washing and neither turned scratchy or harsh.

Pros of Vega Eye shadow Brush (M):-

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Soft and densely-packed bristles
  3. Picks up the eye shadow color really well
  4. Does a decent job at placing the eye shadow over the lid
  5. Can also be used to apply eye shadow to lower lash line
  6. Doesn’t  shed bristles
  7. Fits nicely in a handbag

Cons of Vega Eye shadow Brush (M):-

  1. The density of the bristles is very less.
  2. Doesn’t work in blending the eye shadow

Recommendation:- Vega Eye shadow Brush (M) is easy on pocket which can be used to practice eye makeup before getting the high-end makeup brushes. This brush used along with Faces eye shadow brush makes a deadly combination as both of them compliment each other and will be sufficient to do a complete eye makeup. I would recommend this only to makeup beginners who fancy for eye makeup but not sure where to start from.


Rating:- 3.1/5

Have you tried Vega Eye shadow Brush (M)?

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  1. ShilpiNovember 5, 2012 at 12:20 PM - Reply

    i have the same brush, and I am ok with it ! Maybe I am not too much into eye shadows so it kinda works well for me!

    • poonamNovember 5, 2012 at 3:49 PM - Reply

      Nothing great about this brush just works well for patting the eye shadows on lids.. I started off with eye makeup with these budget friendly tools.. now dying to try my hands on some luxurious brushes.. 😉

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