Top 10 Super Foods to Lose Belly Fat: Fast and Easy

Posted on Oct 31 2016 - 10:00am by poonam

Top 10 Super Foods to Lose Belly Fat

Are you cynical about “fat burning foods”?  Yes, I know it’s pretty difficult to believe that including carbohydrates, fats and calories into your diet will help you get rid of the excessive weight! There are a number of health foods that have thermogenic properties, which means that they help lose weight when you consume them! Here is a perfect solution to your “how to lose weight” worries

Nature has offered us great foods that help in boosting up the metabolism and trigger the fat burning hormones! and if you are wondering How to reduce belly Fat fast then grab your favorite bowls and forks, and indulge in these. These 10 Super Foods burn belly fat fast and will help you dump those annoying pounds!


Top 10 Super Foods to Lose Belly Fat

1.Watermelons: Starting with the yummiest thing in this world, WATERMELON is great for getting rid of that excess belly flab! It comprises of twenty percent water, magnesium, folate, Vitamin B1, B6 and C. Watermelons help you stay energized and hydrated. Studies have shown that consuming two glasses of watermelon juice everyday helps reducing belly fat and reduces the risk of heart ailments! Best foods to reduce belly fat fast.superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-Watermelon

2. Apples: An apple a day, keeps belly fat away! Apples are infused with fibers, which not only help with fat loss but also help treat dental problems! Fibrous foods help control weight and an anti-oxidant named quertin in Apples helps in boosting up the immune system! It also helps in keeping skin wrinkle free! Any more excuses for not eating apples every day?superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-apples

3. Pineapples: I am a pineapple lover, and this baby is composed of low calories, fibers and antioxidants! It makes the perfect snack to keep your stomach feeling fuller! Doctors suggest eating pineapple by itself and not mixing it with other foods to reap all the benefits, as it alone helps get a flatter tummy! It is a wonderful fat burning food and also tastes good!superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-pineapple

4. Tomatoes: These are good for your skin, your health and your body! Low in calories, high in water content and comprising of 1 gram protein and 5 grams crabs, these veggies are a rich source of vitamins K, A and C.  You can consume it raw or cooked, just the way you like it!superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-tomato

5. Pomegranate: Always consume an entire pomegranate and I say NO sharing because you should eat up the whole thing to reap maximum benefits! It contains dietary fibers, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. People who take a glass of pomegranate everyday are known to have flatter bellies than the ones who don’t! It burns belly fat quickly and leave you with glowing skin.superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-pomegranate

6. Almonds: These are great for your skin and overall health! Snack on almonds when you feel hungry, as it contains mono and poly saturated fats which prevent hunger pangs! You can eat them up once a day! if you are trying to lose weight then munch on almonds than snacks.superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-almonds

7. Green Tea: This magic tea is all over the place! Not just good for reducing belly fat, but good for the skin and overall health too! You need to consume it at least four times per day, before or after a meal to get maximum fat burning results! Green tea burns belly fat quickly.superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-green-tea

8. Lemon Water: You have heard it over and over again, and it’s true that fresh lemon squeezed in water helps in getting rid of belly fat quickly! It is a rich source of Vitamin C that contributes to fat burn! It is tried and tested home remedy to reduce belly fat fast.superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-lemon-water

9. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are great when it comes to skin care and are equally good in reducing belly fat as well. They help with ulcers, acidity and heartburn. Also known to control blood pressure and keep the body hydrated inside out! Consuming cucumbers everyday will help you get rid of belly fat, while achieving a clearer complexion!superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-cucumber

10. Blueberries: Small in size, large in benefits! Blueberries are extremely powerful, and help getting rid of belly fat due to the high level of antioxidants present in them! They are also known as “belly shrinkers”!superfoods-to-lose-belly-fat-blueberries

Keep yourself hydrated, which is one of the main reasons that contribute to fat loss. Try avoiding oily food, egg yolks and meat! Try to keep yourself active by not sleeping too much and sitting idle! So, which one of these 10 Super Foods that burn belly fat is your favorite?

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Which is your favorite out of these Top 10 Super Foods to Lose Belly Fat? 

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