Top 10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

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10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

Stomach bloating and gas are common problems that everyone tends to come across. Bloating is usually a condition that you face when your stomach feels upset due to the formation of excessive gas. The two major reasons for bloated stomach or gastric problems are an unhealthy lifestyle and deleterious food intake. Constipation could be another reason for Bloating or Stomach pain. The other factors that could be causes of Bloating include tolerance to food, carbonated drinks, eating a lot of food at once, not chewing properly or intake of excessively salty food. Women usually suffer gas and bloating while they are pregnant, pre-menopause or PMS!Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating

You know you are suffering from gas/bloating when you see the following symptoms.

Symptoms of GAS and Bloating:

  1. Fullness/Tightness of Stomach
  2. Swollen Tummy
  3. Cramps and pain
  4. Breathing difficulty
  5. Excessive Acidity
  6. Heartburn accompanied by vomiting
  7. Pain in the lower back
  8. Burping (belching)

So, what is it that you can do that the gas does not build up in your stomach and further causes bloating!?

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Don’t head to the pharmacy straight to get medication, why not try some home remedies, may be you will find a cure that no medication can help- many of the ingredients listed will be easily available in your kitchen cabinets! Let’s take a quick look at 10 home remedies for the gastric problem.

Home Remedies for Gas in Stomach:

  1. Ginger: You can consume ginger in different ways like sipping on some ginger tea, chew fresh ginger or grate it and have it prior meals. It is one of the best ways to smoothen out your digestion and relieve gas and bloating.  Ginger is known to cure flatulence, nausea, and pain in the abdomen. It is one of the best home remedies for bloated stomach after eating.Home Remedies for Gas in Stomach - Ginger
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar is great to boost up the digestive system as it is rich in enzymes. Consume it every day before your meals by diluting 1 tablespoon in warm water to relieve gas and bloating after eating. With its regular use, you don’t have to follow any other home remedies for the gastric problem. It is one the best ways to prevent heart burn as well.Home Remedies to Get Rid of Gas and Bloating - Apple Cidar Vinegar
  3. Peppermint: Peppermint is excellent to calm down the muscles of the stomach and enhance bile flow, that the body makes use of to digest fats. The food passes out easily and you can easily keep diarrhea, abdominal pain and flatulence away by consuming peppermint every day! It is also an effective home remedy to prevent constipation.Home Remedies to prevent Gas and Bloating - Peppermint
  4. Activated Charcoal: It has been shown in studies by the American Journal of Gastroenterology that Activated Charcoal prevents intestinal gas which is a cause of gas-producing meals. You can use activated charcoal supplements to get rid of a bloated stomach!Home Remedies for gastric -Activated Charcoal
  5. Cinnamon: A widely popular yet delicious spice known for the medicinal properties it possesses, it is helpful in getting rid of bloating and also helps in deducting the pressure on the abdomen by letting the gas pass through easily, therefore getting rid of bloating.Home Remedies for Stomach Gas -Cinnamon
  6. Turmeric: Always known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this Indian spice is known to cure excessive formation of gas in your stomach while also taking care of indigestion. About 87% of reports have shown that turmeric lessens bloating/gas in as less as seven days.Home Remedies for Stomach Pain - Turmeric
  7. Anise: This is basically a flavoring agent which comprises of antispasmodic properties that relax the digestive system and help keep cramps at bay! It expels gas and furthers the bloating that occurs!Home Remedies for Gastric Problem - Anise
  8. Caraway: This is a Persian spice which has been tried, tested and used for centuries to release the gas that is trapped in the tummy. If you are suffering from excessive gas, try chewing on a handful of Caraway and you will be relieved.  Also Read: Top 10 Yogasans To Reduce Belly Fat QuicklyHome Remedies for Bloating in Stomach -Caraway
  9. Chamomile: Chamomile is an herb that comprises of sedative and relaxing properties, it alleviates problems like heartburn, an upset stomach, appetite loss, motion sickness, nausea, and vomiting. It helps alleviate gas by pushing through foods through the intestine.Home Remedies for Gas Problems - Chamomile
  10. Probiotics: Probiotic drinks helps maintain a good gut flora by helping with gas and bloating that follows. It is known to prevent symptoms and pain which is a cause of IBS and relieves gases to a great extent.Home Remedies for Constipation - Probiotics

Thanks to Mother Nature for having natural home remedies that we can take full advantage of- so, these were the 10 home remedies to get rid of gas and bloating!!

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Have you tried any of the above-listed home remedies for Gas and Bloating? Which one worked the best for you?

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