Top 10 Engagement Rings for Every Bride

Posted on Nov 4 2016 - 8:00pm by poonam

Top 10 Engagement Rings for Every Bride

Wedding season is coming up and I am sure all the brides to be are browsing Internet to pick the Best Engagement Ring for Wedding to make that bond extra special. An engagement ring holds a special place in a bride’s heart and is one jewelry item that connects her with her love. Every bride wants to pick unique engagement ring that stands out and should be the center of attraction when she meet her friends.

Well, there are plenty of options to choose from, e.g One can go for colorful center stones, Princess cut diamonds or vintage inspired designs and many more.  A bride can keep it simple and classy with a simple solitaire engagement ring. But if she is ready to experiment and want to go bold with her engagement ring then here are some inspirations.  Let’s check out these popular Engagement rings which you might like to be in your finger!best-engagement-rings-for-brides

Top 10 Engagement Rings for Every Bride

  1. Emerald Cut Diamonds: Emerald cut diamonds is my favorite style. The diamonds when stacked together gives such a bedazzling view. Brad Pitt proposed he rnow ex-wife Angelina Jolie with this stunning master-piece. This designer engagement ring will definitely make your wedding best-engagement-rings-for-brides-emerald-cut-diamond-ring-3 best-engagement-rings-for-brides-emerald-cut-diamond-ring-2 best-engagment-rings-for-brides-emerald-cut-diamond-ring-1
  2. Floral Shaped Rings: Floral shaped rings are one of the most trending engagement ring designs these days. The engagement ring is designed in such a way that it looks like a flower is about to bloom. They are usually made a round shaped diamond with cuts depicting the petals of the flower. This Floral design Engagement ring adds a feminine touch to the
  3. Cushion Cut Diamond: If you unaware about this style then look no further as Kim Kardashian is rocking this beautiful engagement ring on her finger. The ring undoubtedly looks spectacular in its
  4. Pear Shaped Solitaire: Those who are attached to history and love everything with vintage vibes then this pear-shaped sparkler will steal your heart. Give a break to the regular round cut diamond and experiment with the pear shaped engagement rings. If you are looking for better reasons to opt for this design then keep in mind that the tapered shape makes your fingers look slimmer and longer best-engagment-rings-for-brides-pear-shaped-diamond-ring-3 best-engagment-rings-for-brides-pear-shaped-diamond-ring-2 best-engagment-rings-for-brides-pear-shaped-diamond-ring-1
  5. Colorful Gems: If you plan to add some colors to your ring than you can ditch the diamonds ( not completely though) and go for a precious stones in your desired color. For pinks and yellow go with Sapphires, Rubies for a deep red and emerald for greens. Even more if you would like to have that color changing effect how about trying stones with multi-dimensional colors like
  6. Twisted Band Or Stacked Bands: Love bands have been trending for long but you can add a fresh touch to the regular band by opting for this twisted design. The twisted pattern makes the ring even more interesting without going overboard. Or if you are obsessed with stacking rings go for stacked bands which will fit over each other to form a bigger ring. Wear them alone for a simple look or show off by stacking them best-engagment-rings-for-brides-twisted-bands-diamond-ring-4 best-engagment-rings-for-brides-twisted-bands-diamond-ring-3 best-engagment-rings-for-brides-twisted-bands-diamond-ring-2 best-engagment-rings-for-brides-stacked-bands-diamond-ring best-engagment-rings-for-brides-stacked-bands-diamond-ring-3 best-engagment-rings-for-brides-stacked-bands-diamond-ring-2 best-engagement-rings-for-brides-tiara-crown-stacking-bands-diamond-ring
  7. Princess Cut Diamond: Well, the name does it for me. Princess cut diamond engagement rings are trending lately and being loved by new brides. You can play with the final look of the ring by keeping it single as a solitaire or go with halo settings and pair with
  8. Halo Rings: Another most popular engagement ring trend is Halo Rings. Here a big center piece is surrounded by smaller diamonds to add some more shine and sparkle to the ring. This simple and classy design is here to stay and is a preferred choice of Brides-to-be who want to keep it simple and best-engagement-rings-for-brides-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-2 best-engagement-rings-for-brides-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-1 best-engagement-rings-for-brides-halo-black-diamond-engagement-ring-3 best-engagement-rings-for-brides-halo-black-diamond-engagement-ring-2
  9. Baguette Rings: Make your ring speak louder than a diamond by opting for this Baguettes cut engagement ring. Again, these are one of the most popular engagement rings. Diamond is still a centre piece in the design but the long narrow stones surrounding it add that extra oomph to the ring and make it look more
  10. Mixed Metals: Your engagement ring doesn’t have to be in just gold or platinum with a glossy finish. You can get your engagement rings in all possible metal hues and finishes. You can for textured finishes like brushed or hammered and add in modern jewelry metals like palladium or tungsten to give a beautiful metallic twist to your engagement ring. Be as creative as you can be to come up with a personalized uniquely designed engagement ring just for

So, these are some of the most popular and latest Engagement ring designs from which you can choose the one for you. Now, as a bride you don’t have to compromise on the design and look of your engagement ring. Pick the one that goes with your personality and make you feel special. It used to be that engagement rings came in white gold, yellow gold, or maybe platinum, but now rings can come in all manner of metallic hues, textures, and finishes, all as precious and long-lasting as gold.

It is hard to pick just one from these Gorgeous Engagement rings but my favorites are the Emerald cut and princess cut engagement rings.

For something really unique for your engagement, check out Wedding Rings on Orla .Each of these rings is entirely one of a kind and will make your Big day super special with their dazzling designs and details.

Which is your favorite from these Best Engagement Rings? Will you prefer a custom engagement ring?

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