The Sweetest Subscription: Japan Candy Box Review + Giveaway – March 2016

Posted on May 3 2016 - 10:00am by poonam

The Sweetest Subscription: Japan Candy Box Review + Giveaway

Hello Sweets,

I talk about a lot of beauty and makeup things here on the blog but just for today let’s be a kid again and think of nothing but candies… Those super sweet and fun shaped candies that we all drool over and want to gulp them down all at once. My mind traced down those years in a fraction of second as they spotted this Japan Candy Box in my mail.

Japan Candy Box March 2016 Review

What it is:

  • Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription box and is filled with yummy-licious candies. It contains 8-10 quirky hand-picked candies and snacks every month which you can enjoy with your family.. provided you wont mind sharing them 😀
  • Japan Candy Box comes in a cardboard box and the candies inside are wrapped in a cute Japan Candy Box Paper. The box has an information card which lists down all the products in the box.
  • Japan Candy Box has 4 subscription plans costing around $19/month with free worldwide shipping.
  • Plans are: $19.90/month, $19.90/month for 3 months, $18.90/month for 6 months, $18.20/month for 12 months.

My experience with Japan Candy Box:

Japan Candy Box is made for candy addicts, who love candies and can walk, talk and sleep candies. The box is filled with assorted candies and snacks from Japan. Though at $19 approx. it does fell a bit pricey but it is such a fun thing if you don’t mind the price.

To be honest, I am not a Candy Freak.. I mean I love looking at those cute and colourful candies in the shop but if I have to have them then I only think about calories  and the efforts I have to put in to burn them :P.

The box has cute colourful candy faces all over it but mine was crushes and slightly damaged during transit, though the stuff was intact.

I received in March Box 2016:

  1. Kabaya Karipori Candy Sticks
  2. Fujiya Milky Peko X Sorio Chocolates
  3. Kracie Sea Animal DIY Gummy Kit
  4. Bourbon Petit Grilled Feza Rice Crackers
  5. Calbee Sapporo Potato Vegetable Snacks
  6. Meiji Mushroom Mountain Chocolate cookies
  7. Meiji Mini Grape Gummies
  8. Caris Cola & Soda Soft Candy
  9. Hi- Chew chewy Candy – Cola
  10. Kaugai 100%Fruit Juice Gummies
  1. Kabaya Karipori Candy Sticks: This are the sugar sticks with a sugary sweet centre inside a crispy layer of a caramel on the outside.
  2. Fujiya Milky Peko X Sorio Chocolates : I have been so excited for these chocolates but sadly they melted on their way.
  3. Kracie Sea Animal DIY Gummy Kit: This DIY kit is so much fun it bring back the kid in me. Love it!
  4. Bourbon Petit Grilled Feza Rice Crackers: These have quite a bland taste, something I don’t prefer because I like my snacks to be spicy. 😉
  5. Calbee Sapporo Potato Vegetable Snacks: They tasted like a different version of Kurkure/ Bingo Mad angles. Love the spicy touch to it <3
  6. Meiji Mushroom Mountain Chocolate cookies: These cookies are my favourite from the box and they were yum!!
  7. Meiji Mini Grape Gummies: These gummies are sugar dusted gummies with a sweet-tart o taste just like grapes. Love it!
  8. Caris Cola & Soda Soft Candy: These are again like candy stick only but a thinner version with various flavours.
  9. Hi- Chew chewy Candy – Cola: These are cola flavoured balls and are really yum. They have to be chewed and they change their color while in mouth… Chameleon Candies.. 😀
  10. Kaugai 100%Fruit Juice Gummies: There are tiny square shaped gummies with a sweet-tart taste. They feel like a bubble gum but it instantly melts into the mouth.

So, as you can see there are a Lot of candies in just one month box.  I really like that they added snacks along with sweets so that one can change his taste accordingly. Sadly, the chocolates in my box melted due to heat on its way. If you are a candy love and loves everything about Japan .. do check this Japan Candy Box out!.

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Now, the fun part.. Japan Candy Box is Giving away a free Candy box to one lucky reader and as Japan Candy Box ships internationally, everyone gets a chance!
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PS: Box sent by brand for consideration

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  1. Preethy PaulMay 3, 2016 at 5:39 PM - Reply

    Never knew a candy box existed, I am not a huge fan of candies too but still it’s fun to try this box sometime

  2. rakhshanda rizviMay 3, 2016 at 8:55 PM - Reply

    Such a cute subscription service! Lovely review <3

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