Tea Tasting with TeaMonkGlobal!

Posted on Feb 13 2017 - 10:00am by poonam

Tea Tasting with TeaMonkGlobal

Tea.. Well the only kind of I like to have is “Green Tea”. Yeah, I know that is kind of rare but I belong that small number of people who don’t drink the regular tea. Green Tea is majorly recognized for its health benefits because of the large of anti-oxidants it has. Another main reason for its huge popularity are its weight loss benefits. And that was the reason I started with this healthy drink!

Like everyone else, I didn’t like the taste of it in first sip but it wasn’t that bad either as acclaimed by others. The taste started getting better with each cup and now I just love sipping on this herbal green water. After only after I got addicted to this beauty I got introduced to the large number of Green Tea or you can herbal tea variants.

I got invited to this interesting and exclusive Tea Tasting Session by TeaMonkGlobal and I got really excited because now I got a chance to meet the Tea experts who are the connoisseurs of Specialty teas.Tea Tasting with TeaMonk Global

I started with “WA OOLONG Tea” at the event and with the first sip I fell in love with it. The tea tasted absolutely delicious and was liked by even those who don’t like green tea flavor. Definitely, it was one of the best variant of herbal tea I have ever tried!

WA means “harmony” and this tea is all about harmony between the weather and the gardens, tea leaves and water, green tea and black, taste and aroma, body and mind. The Wa OOLONG Tea is picked from Niligirs Tea gardens which produces this fine tea with a colorful motley of leaves ranging from silver to copper to olive to chocolate, all blending to a harmonious hue. It is perfect balance between earthy green and mature black teas. It has such a pleasant mature taste!Tea Tasting Session with TeaMonk Global - Wa OOlang Tea

Then I went ahead with the rest of the teas which includes, white, green and Rose Tea.

I next tried the White Tea which is the least processed tea and has a very subtle aroma. The tea leaves are picked from Darjeeling. The tea is full of anti oxidants which detox body and improves the immunity. I loved its mellow flavor and pleasant aroma.Tea Tasting Session with TeaMonk Global - Rose Tea and Jasmine Tea

Then came the much awaited Green Tea. Tea Monk Global green tea is made from Ahina Green Whole Leaves, picked from specialized tea gardens in Darjelling. Ahina means Whole], is a whole green leaf which remains whole until the time you brew it. This is a completely non-fermented tea. It is processed very gently and the keen spirit of this special tea with a fresh, aromatic flavor satisfies the palates of our discerning and evolved connoisseurs. The tea can be enjoyed with light meals and in the morning.Tea Tasting Session with TeaMonk Global

The last one on my list was Rose Tea which I have to have because I am fond of roses!! The tea smells of roses and is picked from elevations of Arunachal where they are grown with methods of ancient Indian science of Agriculture. Azaya Green tea is a beautiful mix of the essence of rose embedded into the benelovence of pure green tea. The flavor is on the stronger side.Tea Tasting Session with TeaMonk Global - Cup of Green Tea

The curated collection of Teamonk Teas offers the most evolved experience and is a bliss for tastebuds.Azaya-TeaMonk Global tea

So, that all about “Teas”for today. I had an amazing Tea Time there and got to learn and discover so much more about Teas and their flavors.

** Off to Brew myself a cup of my favorite Wa OOlong Tea. 🙂

Do you like Green Teas? Which is your favorite flavor/aroma?

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