Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Review + Demo

Posted on Jan 9 2019 - 8:00am by poonam

Snow Teeth Whitening Kit Review + Demo

Nobody can ignore a SMILE and something that makes smile shine even better are out Teeth. Well, the most basic thing to do will be to keep my teeth clean but if you want to much more than that, teeth whitening kits could really be a great option. Especially, if you enjoy sparkling white teeth but are blessed with yellow tinted ones. I have to admit that this is the only domain where the term “Whitening” doesn’t bother me at all because skin whitening is just blows me away. So, if you would like to flash those ultra white teeth with your million dollar smile, hang on! Lets see if this Snow Teeth Whitening Kit did worked out to make my teeth brighter and whiter.

Snow Teeth Whitening System

Price :RS. 10,789.04 ( On 50% off) (Buy here : )

 My Experience with SNOW Brilliant Teeth Whitening System:

The kit comes in a beautiful snow flaked printed bubble pouch with all the items safely packed inside:

  1. Teeth Whitening Serum Pen – This one looks like any concealer or Highlighter pen with a plastic bristled end for application. Just twist it a few times to get the gel out on the bristles. It is a clear gel with a slight sticky texture and gets applied easily on teeth. The bristles are soft and does the job of application well. It does have a mild flavor which isn’t that pleasant but it works.
  2. High Intensity LED Accelerator Light: Lets talk about that magical wand that will transform your teeth which is actually a mouthpiece. This is the LED whitening system which actually works in whitening the teeth enamel. It has LED’s that emit fluorescent blue light and feels a bit warm when switched on and placed on teeth. It fits nicely between teeth and lips. And the best part I felt was the multi USB charger points which can work with so many gadgets including phones.Snow Teeth Whitening System LED Activator Snow LED Activator Teeth Whitening System
  3. Lip Protection Moisturizer: This cute little tiny jar of lip balm was actually a surprise. But it is so useful while using the teeth Whitening System as it protects lips and keeps them soft and nourished.

Along with all these tools there comes an instruction card which details about how to use the device step by step which is really helpful for the beginners like me.

Steps to Use Snow Teeth Whitening System

Coming to the usage of this device which made feel like my ancestors aka Monkeys with that LED system in my mouth. I was glad that it wasn’t that uncomfortable as I expected and using it was quite relaxing. And because it connects to my phone so while it is working on my teeth I was busy with Instagram and random Youtube Videos.TrySnow Teeth Whitening System

After 10-15 minutes,  when it was done with it’s job I pulled it out and rinsed my teeth.  And this is the before and After of how my teeth looked with this whitening kit. As this is the first time usage I noticed some brightness but commenting on the whitening results, I feel it will take some more usages. I usually spend a good amount of time to brush my teeth so I feel they are in a pretty good condition but I guess with  this system one can keep their teeth at the best. Also, if you are suffering from stained teeth or have yellow teeth this Kit can be a life saviour.Before Using Snow Teeth Whitening System Applying Snow Teeth Whitening System Snow Teeth Whitening System Use Snow Teeth Whitening System ReviewOverall, I feel SNOW Teeth Whitening System is an easy and comfortable way to brighten up your smile in just few minutes. The easy to use system with no frills attached. The results may very from person to person and might be more prominent with yellow stained teeth.After Using Snow Teeth Whitening System

PS: The Kit was sent to me by the brand and review is based on my personal experience. If you have sensitive teeth or going under medication consult your doctor before using this kit. Please go through the instructions brochure carefully for it claims and warnings.

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