Skin Care Tips – Avoid Under-Eye Dark Circles/ Pigmentation

Posted on Dec 26 2012 - 10:47am by poonam

Skin Care Tips – Avoid Under-Eye Dark Circles/ Pigmentation

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Today I will be sharing some simple tips which can be helpful in avoiding or reducing the appearance under-eye circles. Dark circles make us look tired, sick and older. People with dark circles generally feel less confident and conscious of their looks.


Many of us might be very well aware of the tips suggested below so this post can act as alarm for them to get the wheels rolling.

1. Sleep Tight:- Sound and sufficient sleep plays an vital role in good health and well-being  . Lack of sleep or errant sleeping schedules can affect your mental as well as physical health. The skin around your eyes looks swollen and shows the effects of fatigue. Adequate sleep helps maintain a healthy balance of the hormones and repair the whole system while you sleep but not getting enough proper sleep can increase the stress levels in the body. To get enough quality sleep at night try to avoid sleeping during day time. Playing a light music at low volume also helps in getting that beauty sleep.


 2. Reduce Stress:- Stressing out a lot can adversely affect your skin as well as health. If you are feeling agitated or worried just before going to sleep you might not get a sound sleep. Reduce your stress as it will help you to sleep better. So, release all the tensions and feel relaxed before hitting on to the bed.
3. Drink Plenty of Water:- Dehydration can be the most important reason for dark circles. We lose water from the body through sweating and urinating and it is very important to compensate the loss by drinking more water. It is good to have 8 ounce (3-4 liters) of water every day to keep the skin fresh and moistened. Water also flushes out the toxins from the body thus keeping our skin healthy and reducing the appearance dark circles.
4. Quit Smoking:- You can attain a beautiful, glowing complexion by avoiding smoking. Smoking thins the skin and depletes the collagen in your skin which makes our skin age more rapidly causing wrinkles. So, if you care for your looks I would suggest giving up smoking, alcohol and products high on caffeine. This will help in reducing the appearance of dark under-eye circles and improve your overall health.
5. Wear Sunglasses:– Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, especially during summer may adversely affect the delicate under-eye area and can lead to dark circles. Sunglasses also help in preventing wrinkles and fine liners below the eyes caused by harmful sun’s UV rays.
6. Avoid rubbing:- The under-eye area is very delicate and we should treat it gently and with care. So, stop rubbing your eyes even if it gets itchy. Keep some eye drops handy to reduce the itchiness or just pat them lightly and resist rubbing them hard.
7. Healthy Diet:-Last but not the least, include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Apart from providing essential nutrients they also help in detoxification of the whole digestive system. Avoid fried and high calorie food but eat lots and lots of green vegetables especially food rich in Vitamins as deficiency of Vitamins like vitamin K and vitamin B12 can lead to under-eye pigmentation
  • Sources of Vitamin K:- Spinach, broccoli,  cabbage, cucumber, cauliflower, tomatoes and blueberries..
  • Sources of Vitamin B12:- Fish, meat (especially liver), poultry, eggs, milk, and milk products.


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These small changes in the lifestyle may reduce or completely eliminate the appearance of dark-circles.  So while you are waiting for these tips to show their effect use an under-eye concealer to hide those dark-circles and stay beautiful.


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