Skin Care Tips – 7 Bad Beauty Habits

Posted on Jan 7 2013 - 10:50am by poonam

Skin Care Tips – 7 Bad Beauty Habits

Today I am going to wake up our inner senses and make a note of the things that we must avoid to keep our skin stay happy and Healthy.


1) Rubbing your eyes:-  Eyes are the most delicate part of our body and rubbing it vigorously is harmful for the sensitive under-eye skin. Apart from giving you ‘panda eyes’, the thin, sensitive skin in this area is vulnerable to wrinkling and irritation.


Solution:- The urge to rub your eyes might be because you are ignoring or not taking proper care of your eyes. So to start with, invest in some good under-eye creams that can keep the area moisturized and healthy and help you in getting rid of those unwanted dark-circles. The next thing you can do is use only good quality eye makeup–products like concealer, eyeliners, eye shadows. Also, Remember to take regular breaks and relieve tired, sore eyes by closing them and gently cupping them in the palms of your hands for a few moments. The darkness and gentle pressure of your hands should help to relax them.

2) Biting your nails:-  You don’t want to admit but you have this habit of biting your nails while thinking or whenever you are anxious. You must be finding it hard to leave this habit. You must be dying to have those beautiful long nails but due to this habit they are always cut short.

Apart form the looks; it just looks so stupid to look at person who is biting his/her nails. It feels so unhygienic too as thousands of bacteria’s that were there on the nails are directly transferred to your digestive system. Yuckkksss.. This habit can not only damage your nail beds but leave them susceptible to ragged cuticles which are not a pleasant sight.


Solution:- You must have seen food item decorated beautifully (e.g  cake) that you don’t like to cut into pieces. Same thing can be applied here. Try giving yourself incentives e.g. Polish your nails with a gorgeous color so that you will hate to put them in your mouth and ruin the look or Get a sexy manicure done at the parlor. Buy yourself an expensive nail polish that can complement your beauty but only if you put it on you long nails. So, just a week’s effort to leave your nails alone and let them grow. Once they’ve been shaped and beautifully painted then you’re less likely to nibble them.

3) Licking your lips. If your lips are constantly chapped and split, making lipstick difficult to apply smoothly, it could be that you’re unconsciously biting or licking your lips. Constantly moistening the delicate skin on the lips makes them drier than if they are left alone.


Solution:- A good way to break the vicious cycle is to keep a delicious lip balm or moisturizer handy and reach for that instead of licking your lips when they feel dry.

4) Over Plucking Eye Brows:- Everyone is blessed with a different face shape and certain eyebrow shapes and thicknesses work best with certain face shapes. Too thin eyebrows don’t look good and they should be thick enough to complement your face shape. Over- plucked eyebrows just look line a line there on your face and make you look surprised all the time and hence work against your facial expressions.


Solution:- Always tell your parlor lady to take out only the extras . The fuller the eyebrows are the better you eyes look and much better than the thinner ones.

5) Picking Pimples:-  I know its so tempting to squeeze the whitehead/pimple but control your urge to attack it. When you touch the acnes/whiteheads you dwell your fingers with all the bacteria that were responsible for the pimple and help them to spoil your face even more. When you squeeze it out and feel relieved that you have gotten rid of one but at the same time you open the doors for the bacteria that were enclosed in that pore to spread to the near by areas and that the main reason when you see another breakout in the vicinity of the one you just popped out.


Solution:- If you don’t want the pimples to adore your face the best thing that can be done is to use a face pack that have Fuller’s Earth as its main ingredient that can help to dry out the breakout without spreading the causing bacteria. You can also use Ice cubes and rub them over the affected area to calm down the pimple.

6) Touching your face:- Touching your face is probably one of the worst habits. “You may feel the need to check your face time to time, but stop touching your face to do so. Whenever you touch your face, you are transferring whatever is on your hands, such as bacteria, oil and everyday grime, onto your skin, causing blemishes and exacerbating existing break-outs. If you tend to play with your hair a lot, don’t touch your face because this spreads the natural oils from your hair straight onto your skin making it prone to eruptions and bacteria.


Solution:- Carry a portable mirror so that you can have a look at yourself whenever you feel the need to to check your face. Carry tissues and wipes handy and don’t use hands to wipe out that extra oil from your skin.

7) Working out in makeup:- You want to look your best every time and don’t want to skip on makeup even before your gym session. You start slathering your regular makeup stuff like foundation, concealer, mascara, lipsticks on your face just before hitting the gym and completely ignoring the fact that you are not going for a beauty contest or on girl’s outing.

In gym, you sweat while trying to loose the extra pounds that you have put on but the makeup on your face blocks pores and prevents sweat from escaping. It doesn’t let your skin breathe and bacteria’s breeds fastest in the sweat which will eventually lead to pimples.


Solution:- Never ever wear makeup when you are heeding for the Gym. There might be hot guys coming over there but its time to wow them with your body .. ooohhlalala and not with your stupid makeup looks. You will have more than enough occasions to put on your makeup which can be best used when you out on a date with a guy from your gym. So, be smart and go only for a light moisturizer, kohl on eyes and sheer lip-gloss before leaving for the Gym.

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I feel when the person looks good he/she feels confident too and these simply avoidable habits can bring back your courage to face the world. For women’s looking good is like winning a war (Raise hands if you don’t feel the same way). So, what are you waiting for, I have listed your enemies and provided simple solutions to get rid of these bad beauty habits that are best thrown away from your lifestyle and achieve that wonderful looking skin.

!!Have a Happy and Healthy skin!!

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  1. sakhiJanuary 8, 2013 at 9:33 AM - Reply

    Gr88 tips..may be these are known but we hardly follow them…thnx for sharing

    • poonamJanuary 8, 2013 at 10:47 AM - Reply

      Thanks Shikha.. Yeah we must be aware of these but re-reading these act as a reminder and help us to start acting.. Reading all the bad effects helps me to avoid these bad habits to a great extent .. 🙂 🙂
      I have been successful in leaving all these bad habits except rubbing eyes… which I am working on.. 😛

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