Skin Care Routine To Follow Before Your Wedding Day

Posted on Dec 12 2018 - 6:38pm by poonam

Skin Care Routine To Follow Before Your Wedding Day

Going to be a bride soon? Worried about the dull complexion and rough skin? If you are like most women, you probably mostly neglected your skin while studying, and even while working.

But once the wedding bells start to ring, the bride’s worry chimes start to ring too. Suddenly the bride is conscious of her appearance; whether she is too fat or too skinny, her hair is of the appropriate length or not, her SKIN! OH MY GOD, the skin looks so dull. A radiant and bright skin hides all the flaws.

Just like other parts of our body, skin also needs care and attention. Exposure to sun, dirt, and bacteria the whole day, deeply affects your skin. There is no way that you can escape these villains. The only thing you can do is to keep your skin clean and hydrated. Taking care of your skin does not even require too much effort or time. Building habits and making it a part of your daily routine is enough to get you a flawless skin.Skincare Routine Before Wedding

Since you are a bride to be, I suggest you start taking care of your skin six months prior to the wedding or if that’s too much to ask then at least three months is a must. Now, let me jot down four basic skincare routines to follow before your BIG DAY

Skincare Routine For Wedding Day


Sun! This can very well be the villain in your skin’s story. As much as the sun is an essential part of the day, its ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the skin. Research even prove these rays to be cancer causing. Sun is not only harmful to our skin’s health but appearance as well. The rays not only cause pigmentation on the skin but also dull the complexion. To avoid pigmentation, using a good sunscreen is really important.

There are many types of sunscreen in the market but you must select according to your skin type; dry, normal or oily. Putting on sunscreen is not only required when outside but also inside the house. The interior of your house is not UV rays protected and so sunscreen is as much important inside the house as it is outside. You may use a lighter SPF sunscreen when inside or in the evening but in the afternoon when the sun is shining brightly as it does in India, you must use a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 or above.

Cleansing And Toning

Make this step your bedtime routine. Tired all day running the wedding errands and shopping for your dream dress? Dedicate the nights to your skin. Freshen up with a deep cleansing of your skin. Cleansing and toning hydrates the skin by unclogging the pores and clearing passage for the skin to breathe.

The first step is to rinse your face. Use a good cleanser. Massage it on your face in circular motions with your fingers. After a 5 to 10 minutes massage, rinse it off with cold water. Cleansing helps you get rid of the dust particles stuck in your pores. Washing your face with cold water shrinks the pores of the skins and gives a very smooth looking skin. Wipe your face dry with a clean towel.

Now use a toner. Toner helps to even the skin tone. One of the best organic toners to use is rose water. Exposure to sun causes dark patches, toner helps to get rid of these, resulting in a clean and radiant skin.


This is the most crucial step to follow after cleansing and toning. Moisturising your skin with a good moisturiser is very important. It helps to keep the skin soft and glowing. Notice the dry and rough patches on your face, cuticles, and heels? Clean up every part of your body and massage yourself with a good lotion thrice a day. Face, hand and feet- all parts of the skin need proper moisturising.

The skin around my heels used to dry up, giving a very poor impression of my clean self. It was quite irritating. Then I started regular cleansing and moisturising. Now I have such smooth heels.


Exfoliation helps you get rid of the dead skin. It also increases blood flow under the skin. This increased blood flow helps get rid of all the impurities and gives a glowing complexion. Exfoliation once a week is one of the basic routines to follow for a clear and glowing skin. Homemade exfoliates are quite easy and good to use:

  1. Sugar Scrub: Squeeze lemon juice on half a cup of sugar. You can use it on your face as well as the whole body for exfoliation
  2. Coffee Scrub: Mix grounded coffee with some olive oil.

While you are following this routine religiously until your marriage, I would also advise you to eat healthy food and keep away from stress.

Stress before marriage is quite common. Especially if you are planning a big wedding and there are financial constraints involved. If you are in a fix in terms of your financial condition, this page might be very helpful to you. Give it a read.

And don’t forget to enjoy your wedding!

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