Seven Things to Avoid before your Wedding

Posted on Jul 25 2016 - 10:00am by poonam

With your wedding around the corner, there are a number of things on your wedding checklist that you wish to be doing just to look “HATKE” on the most important day of your life! But, things on your mind may not really be the right choices you are making! So, what shouldn’t you be doing while your wedding countdown has begun? Let me share these Seven Things to Avoid before your Wedding.

Seven mistakes to avoid a week before your wedding

Seven Things to Avoid before your Wedding

1. Hair Makeover: Have you always wanted to try out that new hairstyle but waited for a special occasion to arrive? Your wedding is unfortunately not the right time to change your hairstyle! Do not change your look drastically as everything from your wedding outfit; makeup to jewelry had been planned keeping your hair in mind. A hair-cut could change the way your face is framed, the texture of your hair or it may simply not get along with your wedding look!! You could go for a minor trim if it’s very important otherwise, do not let the scissors come close, until you are done with your wedding!!Seven mistakes to avoid a week before your wedding - New Haircut2. Hair Coloring: Hair coloring is another not-so-good idea before your wedding!! Playing up with colors can turn out to be drastic, the color may not be suitable for your skin tone or may be your hair wouldn’t react the way it has to! Off course, the damage done to your hair can be taken care of, but would you be able to handle the stress, if it does not turn out to be as expected? So, say NO to hair color! Get that out of the things to do before marriage for bride list right away!Seven mistakes to avoid a week before your wedding- New Hair Color3. New Exercise Regimen: Never try out a new exercise regimen before your D-day, as it may cause your body to go sore and healing may take time! If you really want, you could start it a few months earlier, so that your body gets used to it! Also, be sure that your workout regimen is in process before your wedding outfit trial sessions!

4. New Skincare Routine: It’s a wise idea not to indulge in new skin-care or make-up a week prior to your wedding, definitely not one of the things to do before marriage for bride! Instead, go for products that have been working for you and stick to them. Go for make-up trial sessions at least a month earlier and opt for a renowned make-up artist, who will bring out the best of your features. Never go for an average rated or lesser known brands, trusted brands are a good choice when it comes to your skin!Seven mistakes to avoid a week before your wedding- New Exercise Regime

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5. Avoid Alcohol: Consuming too much alcohol and caffeine may cause adverse affects on your skin! If you have a bachelorette party coming up, or you are making your entire wedding planning list late in the night, you are just going to have that extra dose of either alcohol or caffeine, as they are night magnets! This will also cause dark circles, which is an issue you do not want to face on your wedding day!Seven mistakes to avoid a week before your wedding - No Alcohol6. Eat Right: Eating right and consuming juices is a good way to beat skin and health woes before your wedding. But detoxification diet and juice cleanses are not going to help you in any way! Instead, they will leave you feeling weak, and to get through all the hectic wedding planner checklist functions and things that follow, your body needs to be fully nourished. Juices have lesser calories, which will take away the energy and instead, pile on that extra sugar! You are only going to be annoyed and irritated when you do not have enough energy!

7. Missing on Beauty Sleep: This is definitely one of the most important things to do before marriage for bride. About a month before your wedding, stop partying or having night out sessions, no matter how important! Your beauty sleep is very important too. If you deprive yourself of sleep, it’s going to show on your face. Also, late nights will make you eat more junk food, piling on those calories! So, it is best to make a routine where you get at least eight hours of sleep, which will result in better looking skin and no-raccoon eyes! 🙂

Seven mistakes to avoid a week before your wedding - Beauty Sleep

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So, These are the Seven Things to Avoid before your Wedding, if you want to look your best on your BIG DAY. Definitely one of the most essential days in the life of a woman/girl and you have prepped yourself for all of this. You should think again and keep away from everything that might make a huge difference in the way you look on your wedding day, so for now, keep them out of your things to do before marriage for bride list.

You could opt for them, once you are out of all the hectic wedding schedules and your honeymoon off course! 🙂Seven mistakes to avoid a week before your wedding- New Skincare

Which of these Seven Things to Avoid before your Wedding is best avoided according to you?

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  1. highstreet_beautyJuly 25, 2016 at 5:54 PM - Reply

    Yes, I agree with everything! I kept things very simple for my wedding and didn’t change any of my routines x

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