Real vegetable Chips: Terra Adventure

Posted on Nov 27 2016 - 10:00am by poonam

Real vegetable Chips: Terra Adventure

When we talk about “Snacks” or particularly chips, the only picture that comes to my mind is of those pale yellow colored potato chips. I know some of us are addicted to them but what if we can make those chips bold and beautiful with amazing colors like Blue, Red, Yellow… Sounds tempting right!! Today I am going to introduce you to the Exotic vegetable version of the Chips in vibrant colors and taste, the“ Terra Chips”.


About Terra Chips:

Terra Chips are an explosion of colors, textures, flavors and tastes abd that too made out of real vegetables. All this makes the experience of eating Terra chips so unique that it is nothing short of an adventure, an exciting journey that lets you discover the different facets of Terra. It is an adventure that begins even before you take the first bite.

Price: Rs 395 for 141 gms (Available on Amazon, Bigbasket, Nature’s Basket)

Terra chips are available in 3 Variants:

  1. Original
  2. Blues
  3. Mediterranean

My experience with Terra Chips:

Terra chips are made from real vegetable like Taro, Sweet Potato, Batata, Parsnip, Yuca and Ruby Dipped vegetables. The chips have bold and vibrant colors which instantly grabs all the attention.  They are crunchy and each version tastes different from the other.

  • Original: The Original one is garnished with sea salt and the chips here tastes closest to the actual vegetable. I can taste the sweetness of sweet potato and even relish the flavors of Beetroot from Ruby dipped vegetables
  • Mediterranean: This variant is sprinkles with various herbs and a hint of lemon. The chips have that tangy flavor from lemon but still retain their basic vegetable taste and the delectable crunch. One of my favorites version of Terra chips
  • Blues: These chips are made from a Naturally blue potato with vibrant Bluish-purple color. It has slightly nutty flavor and taste so delicious. If you are addicted to regular potato chips you might want to try these and experience the difference.

These Terra vegetable chips are much lower in sodium than traditional varieties of chips. Also, these are made in canola Oil and sunflower oil which is better than the regular vegetable oil. Just keep in mind, that they’re snacks and not meant to replace vegetables and fruit in the diet.

Overall, Terra real vegetable chips combine the beautiful colors and delicious flavors of earth’s own vegetables into a perfect crunchy snack. The chips are made of real whole vegetables. Terra source a diverse range of root vegetables to create each terra blend. And all of the variants are delicious. Checkout more about these on the Terra Chips facebook page

It’s always a good idea to have lots of colors in your food, now the same thing holds true for your Chips as well.

I could never imagine Chips to be any different from the regular pale yellow potato chips that are easily available anywhere and do nothing but contribute to the unwanted calories and hence weight gain. Never in the world had it come to my mind that chips could be healthier too but Terra totally changed my perception. And, I am so glad that I got a chance to experience these exotic real vegetable chips.terra-real-vegetable-chips-claims terra-real-vegetable-chips terra-real-vegetable-chips-naturally-blue-potatoq terra-real-vegetable-chips-healthy-snacking terra-real-vegetable-chips-bright-colored-chips terra-real-vegetable-chips-blue-potato-chips terra-real-vegetable-chips-blues-potato-chips terra-real-vegetable-chips

So, what are you waiting for, experience this Terra Adventure and let the journey begin to the land of exotic flavors and beautiful colors.

Have your tried Terra chips before? Would you like to munch on this Healthy Snack?

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  1. Shilpa ShettyDecember 6, 2016 at 3:06 PM - Reply

    Its bit expensive,..

    • poonamDecember 6, 2016 at 4:00 PM - Reply

      Yeah.. I know.. but trying once doesn’t hurt .. 😀

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