How to Prevent Ingrown Hair: Best Tips and Tricks

Posted on Mar 24 2017 - 10:00am by poonam

How to prevent Ingrown Hair: Best Tips and Tricks

“Hate those little bumps on the skin…!!??”

Hair Removal helps in getting rid of these unwanted hairs but there is another problem that crops up if the hair removal process is not carried out properly Ingrown Hair. Ingrown hair is more common with hair removal methods like shaving and epilating as there are chances of making mistakes. This problem can arise even with waxing if proper technique is not used while applying wax and pulling up the strips. So, if you are the one who has been facing this issue and still doesn’t have any idea how to get over it and prevent ingrown hair. I am sharing some simple Tips and Tricks that works!How to Prevent Ingrown Hair

But those who don’t know what is Ingrown Hair. Let me explain:

What is Ingrown Hair?

An ingrown hair is a hair that has grown back into the skin ( usually looks like a more on the skin) instead of coming through like it should. It ‘s actually curled around under the skin.

5 Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hair:

  1. Exfoliate Before and After: Ingrown hair is caused because of dead skin cells building on the top of the hair follicle which doesn’t allow hair to grow out and is stuck under it. Exfoliating skin before going for the hair removal can really work on opening up the pores which help in easy removal and reducing the chances of ingrown/broken hair. And don’t stop here, as exfoliating skin after hair removal is also extremely important. Regular exfoliation for few days posts hair removal reduces the chances of ingrown hair as it doesn’t let dead skin cells accumulate on the skin.
  2. Say No To Shaving: Always shave in the natural direction of hair growth. Never move the shave in the opposite direction as it can cut the hair strand in such a way that when it grows out it gets stuck under the skin. This is applicable to arms, legs, bikini basically wherever you use Razor for convenience. Shaving is your enemy.
  3. Wax in the Right Direction: One might not have put any thought towards this fact but pulling the hair in wrong directions can actually lead to ingrown hair. The was should be applied in the direction of the hair growth and the strip should be pulled in the opposite direction. And if the hair are pulled out in the different direction the hair gets confused and stuck underneath the skin. So, always make sure you are waxing in the right direction.
  4. Switch to other Hair Removal Methods: Ingrown hair is quite common in hair removal methods like shaving, epilation, and waxing. This is because they pull the hair from the roots which are more likely to cause ingrown hair. You can switch to other methods like Hair Removal Creams / depilatory creams that dissolve the hair, or a laser hair removal or electric current (electrolysis) to permanently remove the hair follicle. Laser Hair removal avoid Ingrown hair but the cost of the treatment won’t fit everyone’s pocket
  1. Don’t Wear Too Tight Clothes: This may sound weird but yes Tight fit clothes can also cause Ingrown Hair. The reason is with tight clothes the fabric is in constant touch with skin and puts pressure on hair follicles. When not even air can cross how the strand will grow. So the hair is curled back instead of growing upwards causing Ingrown Hair. Be comfortable and wear loose fitted clothes.

Those are some few tips on how to prevent ingrown hairs. And if followed diligently there will be “No More Ingrown hair” ever. I have tried the exfoliation trick and it works so amazingly well.

So, if you have been suffering from Ingrown hair using these Tips will be really helpful and you can see the results within the first month with reduced ingrown hair.

Ingrown Hair…. so now you know Unwanted hair is not the only issue we face every month!

Which Hair Removal Method you use? Have you Ingrown Hair Issue?

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    Victim at home..i have been facing dis ..i m really not up for laser or electrolysis,…i m trying to scrub after waxing…will do before also……..will update u … THANKU SO MUCH U R SUCH A BLESSING…no one actually can counter problems like you do,,…these are basic and important to know things..

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