Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream Review

Posted on Feb 23 2013 - 4:50pm by poonam

Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream Review

I am in my late twenties and have already started looking out for anti-ageing stuff. I am not sure if it is the right time to venture into anti-ageing creams but I know that including them in my skin care regime will only help my skin in delaying the appearance of signs of aging not miraculously though. So, here is the review on my first anti-ageing product the Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream.


Product Claims: POND’S Deep Action Night Cream is especially formulated to work at night when your cells’ regeneration potential is at its peak. Its rich texture instantly melts into the heart of the skin to help accelerate the renewal process as you sleep. Wake up to skin that’s smooth, silkier and luxuriously soft.

  • Expertly fights fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps visibly reduce the appearance of age spots.
  • Enhances overall skin radiance.

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Price:- Rs.449 for 50gm

Shelf Life:-  24 months from the Mfg date.

Packaging:- The cream is contained in a heavy bottom glass jar with a magnificent red colored designer cap. There is another plastic lid under side the cap to separates the cream from the cap and limits its movement to the jar but I find it a bit difficult to lift the lid up with the tiny plastic handle provided on it which keeps slipping off my hands. Also, the lid could have been a little larger in size for a better fit over the wide-mouthed jar. Nevertheless, the drool-worthy luxurious packaging is enough to make me fell in love with it.


My experience with Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream:-

Ponds Age Miracle night cream is light baby pink colored cream with a mild floral scent and is encased in the most beautiful tub I have ever seen. It has a medium thick consistency and ultra smooth texture which feels like silk to touch. The cream spreads evenly and needs a light massage to get absorbed into the skin.


I have a dry skin so I slather large amount of cream on my face. At first it goes a bit streaky and appears like it is going to turn me into a white ghost but when I look back to the mirror 5 minutes post-application, it’s gone. The cream has immersed completely into the skin by then leaving behind no traces. It is not heavily moisturising and also I use a huge amount of it so I don’t feel the need to go for another dose of moisturiser but if you are going to use it scantily then I would suggest doubling it up with a good facial moisturiser to cater the moisture requirements of your skin.

It instantly brightens up my face which start beaming with a subtle natural glow (no it doesn’t turn me white) and also enhances my skin texture with regular use giving it a healthy it a toned look but I couldn’t comment on its effect in reducing fine lines and wrinkles as I don’t have much.

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Pros of Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream:-

  1. Silky smooth texture
  2. Pleasant smell
  3. Non-greasy
  4. Blends quickly into the skin
  5. Brightens up my complexion
  6. Doesn’t leave any residue
  7. Skin looks firm with a subtle glow
  8. No breakouts
  9. Attractive Packaging
  10. Isn’t expensive considering it is a night cream which normally ranges form Rs1000 or above

Cons of Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream:-

  1. May not be very effective for mature skin but girls in their late 20’s can start their endeavor with this anti-ageing night cream.
  2. Contains Lots of Silicones but couldn’t spot ant Parabens in the list

Recommendation:- Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream has silky smooth texture which penetrates into the skin with a slight massage. It feels light and doesn’t give any oily or slippery feel to my skin. The packaging is outstanding and has luxurious feel to it even though it is bulky and not travel-friendly but the jar looks gorgeous sitting at my makeup desk. With regular use it will improve the skin texture but don’t expect any miracles to happen as after all it is just a cream. We must include veggies and fresh juices along with good skin care regime to maintain a healthy and younger looking skin. This is my first skin care form Ponds and I am really looking forward to try its serums and Gold radiance range.





Rating:- 4/5

Have you tried Ponds Age Miracle Deep Action Night Cream? Have you included  Anti-Ageing products in your skin care routine?

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  1. Revathy AgrawalFebruary 23, 2013 at 10:51 PM - Reply

    nice review with some fab pics 🙂

    this cream looks like some mousse.. wanna lick it off…

    • poonamFebruary 23, 2013 at 11:13 PM - Reply

      hheheh.. Revathy u r so funnyyy..!!! licking off the night creamm for better and quick effects.. 🙂 🙂
      Thankss a tonn sweettiiee… the texture is silky smooth and i use it too lavishly… 😛
      Love it totallyyy..

  2. swatiJune 28, 2014 at 8:59 PM - Reply

    I am unable to open the lid of the Pond’s age miracle night cream. can someone tell me how to open the lid?

    • poonamFebruary 22, 2015 at 8:53 AM - Reply

      Its just a screw cap dear.. u shall try it hard and it should definitely work! 🙂

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