Organic India – Tulsi Green Tea Review

Posted on Mar 29 2013 - 10:00am by poonam

Organic India – Tulsi Green Tea Review

You will be flooded with the options and get all confused when it comes to Green tea but for me the task was made easy, as the one who suggested and convinced me for the Green Tea was using Organic India – Tulsi Green Tea, so I bought the same without much hassle.


Product Claims:




Price:- Rs.200 for 100gms

Shelf Life:-  24 months from the Mfg date, 2 months after opening.

Packaging:-  The Green Tea comes in Metallic cylinder shaped container with a push-me up lid. The lid has a rim of rubber which gives an air-tight locking to the jar. The tea is sealed packed in a foil pouch inside the jar which separates the leaves from getting in touch with the metal jar or outside environment impurities.


My experience with Organic India  – Tulsi Green Tea:-

Organic India Green Tea is composed of dried and crushed plant leaves like Tulsi which are well-known for their herbal benefits. Once you open the pouch a mild herbal scent will makes a smooth entry which is soothing to the senses and you will start enjoying its herbal aroma. This aroma will be re-created each time you unlock the jar.
To prepare the tea, boil a cup of water beforehand and add leaves to this boiling water after turning the flame off. It is advised not to add leaves while the flame is on, so keep that thing in mind.


Just ¼ tbsp amount of these green tea leaves are enough for one-time preparation though it claims to use a 1tbsp per serving that I feel is going to be too much. Cover up the liquid and let the leaves transfer their goodness and benefits to the water. Leave the boiled water and the Green tea leaves for almost 5-10 minutes. The water will change it color to a pale yellow-orangey liquid which signals that your Green tea is ready infused with benefits. Strain out the water but do not throw away the leaves as they can be further put to use for homemade packs and scrubs for added benefits. (Few of the Green Tea face pack ideas ).

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I drink it as it is without adding any sweetener like Sugar or Honey and trust me it will taste bad only for 2 days and from 3rd onwards you will start liking it . I tried it with Honey also but that was something I completely disliked. Actually, I dislike how honey tastes and like it better as a beauty Ingredient in my homemade packs. 😛


I have it twice a day and thoroughly enjoy it once for the Green tea benefits(Mentioned Here) and a cup of hot water which will flush out toxins from the body and keep me fit (read Slim) by burning fat. :). So, you see it’s a double bonanza. The tea claims to be stress relieving & slimming.. I am having it for almost a month but I think it will take time to show its slimming effect and as far as stress relieving is concerned I am not sure how to measure that and rate the efficiency of this  Green Tea but I feel satisfied including it in my daily diet.  An authentic and affordable Green Tea !!


  1. Excess of everything is bad so use it in moderation and do not go overboard with the amount and the number of times you drink it
  2. Try to have it in gaps before and after atleast an hour of your meals

Recommendation:- Organic India Green Tea – Tulsi is also available in Tea bags form but I find this jar packaging much more affordable get more quantity at the same amount and more number of preparations than the tea bags. To use it as an Eye pack, Tea bags are the best solution as these open green tea leaves will create a mess around eyes and spill over but if you are okay and wouldn’t mind the extra step of dusting off the remains from your pillow than it’s totally worth the effort. These are available everywhere and online too, check out their official website.  Organic India manufactures this green tea in wide varieties with 13 flavors being available inIndia 15 inUSA

Organic India-Tulsi-Green-Tea-ReviewOrganic-India-Tulsi-Green-Tea-AntiOxidant-RichOrganic-India-Tulsi-Green TeaOrganic-India-Tulsi Green TeaOrganic-India Tulsi-Green-Tea

Rating:- 5/5

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