Lakmé Nail Polish Remover Review, NOTD

Posted on Oct 5 2012 - 9:39pm by poonam

Lakmé Nail Polish Remover Review

Lakmé Nail Polish Remover needs no introduction. It has been there for years (like an omnipresent thing) and I have been using this since my childhood (I mean college days):P. For majority of us it would be the first nail polish remover we ever used.

Nail Polish Removers are a must have if you are into nail-paints.


Product Claims: What is Lakmé Nail Colour Remover?-Enriched with Vitamin E to prevent excessive dryness around the nails.


Price:- Rs.50 for ml

Packaging:- The remover comes in a transparent glass bottle with a plastic screw cap.


There is another plastic lid with a hole beneath the cap that controls the amount of the liquid. The cubical shaped bottle is compact and handy.


Good Points about Lakmé Nail Polish Remover:-

  1. Removes nail polish effortlessly. Put the cotton swab on the nails for 2 seconds and swipe it against the nail bed. The nail polish comes off easily.
  2. You need small amount of this liquid will be enough for removing nail polish from both the hands so a little goes a long way.
  3. Single cotton swab will be enough to remove nail paint from both the hands efficiently.
  4. Removes nail polish completely and doesn’t leave that itsy bitsy stains on cuticles and nail bed corners.
  5. It doesn’t leave any whitish cast on nail bed.
  6. I like its easy to use no fuss packaging. The stopper prevents leakage hence, making the bottle travel friendly too.
  7. Most easily available remover. Available in almost every cosmetic shop.
  8. Inexpensive
  9. Doesn’t made my nails dry after removing the nail paint but still I prefer to follow up with a hand

Bad Points about Lakmé Nail Polish Remover:-

  1. Has a strong acetone smell.
  2. Wont help in preventing nails from breaking or any other benefits.
  3. No mention of ingredient list.

Recommendation:- Lakmé Nail Polish Remover works great as a remover but don’t expect it to do anything other than that like preventing nails from breaking or any  other benefits. For those you must follow up with a hand cream to take care of your nails and hands.

I have tried other nail polish removers too but Lakme is still a must have with all of them. It makes my nail paint collection complete. 😉


Rating:- 3.5/5

Have you tried Lakmé Nail Polish Remover? Which is the First Nail Paint Remover you ever used?


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