Khadi Neem Tulsi Soap Review

Posted on Sep 29 2012 - 6:33pm by poonam

Khadi Neem Tulsi Soap Review

I was happy with the results of my Fiama Di wills Gel Bathing Bar Soaps and have been using it for years. I tried a couple of soaps like Enchanteur, Yardley London in between by falling for their claims to fill bathroom with a nice aroma giving a pleasurable bathing experience but all of them proved disastrous on my skin as well as on the fragrance part. They smells artificial and makes my skin dry stretchy due to high chemical ingredients.


Now, I was itching to try something new and better this time, also I wanted something herbal for my skin to replace (or give rest to) my Skin’s Best Friend “Fiama Di Wills”. This time I gave Khadi brand a shot and bought its “Neem Tulsi Soap” from an online website.

Product Claims:

  • (From the Soap)– Khadi Neem Tulsi Soap is made with Glycerin to keep the skin hydrated & prevent dryness. Neem & Tulsi are anti-bacterial. HandMade herbal soap with essential oils
  • (From the Website) -Khadi Handmade Soap is a pure herbal handmade soap. This commercially handmade soap usually contains herbal ingredients. This handmade soap tends to be less eco friendly.Khadi Handmade Soap manufacturers offer cost effective products. Khadi handmade soaps are made with natural oils. They also consists high glycerin content. As such, they are better for the environment and are free from detergents or phosphates.

Key Ingredients:-  Neem Oil, Tulsi Oil, Glycerine, Vegetable Oil

Price:- Rs.50 for 125gms

Shelf Life:- 2 years from the Mfg date.

Packaging:- The soaps are wrapped/laminated in a thin transparent plastic sheet. It has paper stamped on both the side that carries the information about the soap and other details like Price and Mfg Date. You might be slightly disappointed to know they do not have any cardboard packaging unlike normal soaps.


My experience with Khadi Neem Tulsi Soap:-

Khadi Neem Tulsi Soap is a green colored translucent soap just like Pears or Fiama Gel Bathing Bar with absolutely no scrubs or shimmer particles. At first, it is a bit difficult to grip the soap due to its huge rectangular shape but with regular use the edges will soften and the size also reduces to a portable one and will be easy to use.

The soap has a strong herbal smell but you won’t be able to recognize the fragrance from the plastic sheet. So, if you are thinking of getting the soaps only after smelling it than it won’t be possible here. It has mixed fragrance of Neem and tulsi which lingers on for few minutes after the shower.

The soap cleanses up well and gives a refreshing clean feeling. The soap gives a good lather with a loofah. The soap is a mild and doesn’t make my skin dry or stretchy. It gets rinsed off easily without leaving any slippery feel behind although I didn’t find the soap moisturizing either.

The soap is soft and will get over-soon if kept wet so make sure to keep it dry after you are done with the shower. Over all this is a good soap which is free from harmful chemicals like detergents and Phosphates and have herbal ingredient like Glycerin, Neem and Tulsi which moisturizes as well as have anti-bacterial properties.

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Pros of Khadi Neem Tulsi Soap:-

  1. No fuss packaging. Just tear off the plastic and the soap is yours.
  2. Lathers Well
  3. Mild Soap which cleans up my skin well without leaving it dry or stretchy feel.
  4. Pure Herbal soap so free from chemicals
  5. Economically priced
  6. Has Neem and Tulsi as its active ingredients which have good anti-bacterial properties.
  7. Available in a number of variants. So, you can choose among your favorite ingredients or variant you would love to smell.
  8. Not tested on animals. So cruelty free

ns of Khadi Neem Tulsi Soap:-

  1. Strong Herbal smell and not something which will be liked by everyone. But herbal smells do bring me close to nature…
  2. Doesn’t leave my skin soft or moisturized to skip the moisturizer.
  3. Soft soap which can dissolve fast.
  4. Only Key Ingredients are mentioned

Recommendation:- Khadi Neem Tulsi Soap is a decent handmade soap enriched with herbal ingredients like Neem and Tulsi and Glycerin and free from chemicals. I am comparing its results with my best Soap Ever “Fiama Di Wills Gel Bathing Bar” and still I feel Fiama performed better on my dry skin with just one negative point that its not a herbal soap. I love the feel and refreshing fragrance of Fiama Soaps.

I didn’t find the Khadi soap amazing or something I can rave about but it is good enough soap which doesn’t made my skin go dry and scratchy unlike normal soaps. If you prefer using Herbal products then do give Khadi soaps a try.


Rating:- 3.5/5

Have you tried Khadi Herbals Neem Soap? Which is your favorite Khadi Soap?

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