Jergen’s Age defying Body Lotion Review

Posted on Oct 22 2012 - 3:06pm by poonam

Jergen’s Age defying Body Lotion Review

Product Claims:




Price: Rs 225 for 295 ml

Shelf Life:-36 months form the mfg date


Other Variants:-

  1. Jergens Skin Firming Daily Toning
  2. Jergens Ultra Healing
  3. Jergens Shea Butter
  4. Jergen Aloe soothing
  5. Jergens Original Scent Cherry Almond

Packaging:- The lotion comes in an opaque white plastic bottle with a light blue colored flip-top cap. The cap shuts tightly and won’t let the lotion leak through it. The bottle is sturdy and easy to use.


My experience with Jergen’s Age defying Body Lotion:-

Jergen’s Age defying Body Lotion is white colored creamy lotion which has a medium consistency towards runny which spreads easily all over the body. The lotion has a creamy texture which blends easily and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. At first, if feels slightly slippery but the feeling vanishes within minutes leaving behind soft and smooth skin. It doesn’t leave any traces or oily film on the skin but a nourished and healthy looking skin.


Not sure of its anti-ageing claims but my skin does appear smoother and even with regular use of this lotion. It also has a mild but pleasant fragrance. The fragrance is light and lingers on for few hours post application.

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Pros of Jergen’s Age defying Body Lotion:

  1. Dermatologists Tested
  2. Contains Vitamin A, E and C which have anti-ageing benefits
  3. Has slightly runny but creamy texture which spreads easily
  4. Sinks beautifully into skin.
  5. Feels light on skin
  6. Moisturises my skin well and keeps it soft and smooth
  7. Pleasant smell
  8. Reasonably priced
  9. Available in 5-6 variants

Cons of Jergen’s Age defying Body Lotion:-

  1. Jergen’s products are not easily available in stores but can be bought online
  2. Contains Parabens and Mineral Oil in the ingredients list
  3. Opaque bottle type packaging wouldn’t allow you to see the amount of the lotion left in the bottle.

Recommendation:- Jergen’s Age defying Body Lotion is rich and moisturizing along with being light on skin. It soaks into the skin quickly and wouldn’t leave any slippery or oily feel. When I spread this body lotion it spreads easily but leaves a slightly oily film. I was a bit disappointed to see that but was quite surprised how quickly that slippery film gets absorbed into the skin leaving a smooth and nourished skin behind.

I was a little apprehensive to use this in summers but it fared pretty well and didn’t left me sticky or sweaty at all. Instead of being an intense moisturizer it feels light on skin.


Rating:- 3.7/5

Have you tried Jergens Age defying Body Lotion? Which is your favorite Jergen’s body lotion?

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