Irresistible Me Hair Extensions: Silky Touch Review, Price

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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions: Silky Touch Review

Have you been planning to get your hair colored but worried about the damage and hair loss it may cause? Well, me too I got my hair colored few years back that made my hair rough and dry but I thoroughly enjoyed my colored hair. I wanted to get my hair colored again but was stressed about the damage. And then IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions came to the rescue. So, let’s check out if these, Irresistible Me Hair Extensions worked out for me.


Product Claims: Silky Touch is our best-selling line.

  • These 100% Remy human hair extensions are
  • fantastic quality for a friendly price and
  • can be very easily washed, heat styled, cut and colored to blend in your hair perfectly.

The thickness of the hair decreases slightly towards the ends just like normal hair does which will provide a completely natural look while wearing them.

  • The Silky Touch extensions are perfect for anybody who loves adding a bit of volume and/or length to their hair occasionally or for special events and offer the best quality/price ratio on the market
  • If you’re just starting with hair extensions and you want something great, the Silky Touch clip-in hair extensions are the way to go.
  • Each set is composed of 10, 8 or 7 pieces of different widths depending on the weight you choose, purposely adapted to cover your head all around.

Price: $89 – $229

Lengths Available: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24”

Weight Options:100gm, 140gm, 200gm


  • 200 g sets (10 pieces) – 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)
  • 140 g sets (8 pieces) – 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 3 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 2 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)
  • 100 g sets (7 pieces) – 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 2 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″)

Types of Clip-in Extensions:

  1. Signature Weft
  2. Silky Touch
  3. Royal Remy Hair
  4. Volume Vixen
  5. Ponytails

Available in 12 shades:

  1. Silky Jet Black
  2. Silky Natural Black
  3. Silky Chocolate Brown
  4. Silky Medium Brown
  5. Silky Light Brown
  6. Silky Ash Blonde
  7. Silky Golden Blonde
  8. Silky Honey Blonde
  9. Silky Platinum Blonde
  10. Silky Ginger
  11. Silky Light Red
  12. Silky Rosewood

Packaging: Irresistible Me Hair Extensions comes packed in a sturdy cardboard box and are safely secured in a red colored zip lock which is transparent on one side. The clear side enables me to see the color of the hair extension. The usage instructions are mentioned on the pouch. The hair extensions are neatly tied with a rubber band and are covered with a black net. The packaging is amazing and the hair extensions reach safely to me.

My experience with Irresistible Me Hair Extensions:

I must tell you that I have never tried Hair extensions in my life and I was a bit nervous too on how to put these on and if they will stay in place. But when I tried these Irresistible Me Hair Extensions all my inhibitions were cleared by their amazing quality and performance.

It doesn’t require great skills and technique to put these hair extensions on. Clip in extensions are very simple and easy to wear and you can easily fix them at home. Here is an easy step by step details of I use them.

How to use the Hair extensions:

  1. Part your hair with a long tail comb
  2. Tie the rest of the hair using a clip
  3. Pick up the Hair extension you want to clip-in
  4. Unlock the clips in hair extension
  5. Fix them near the roots of the hair partition
  6. Lock the clips and you are done!

Irresistible Me offers a wide variety of shades to choose from. You can choose a color close to your natural hair but if you want to be bold and ready to experiment with these go for a highlighting shade like I did. So, you can flaunt beautiful colored hair without any damage.

Quality: These Silky Touch Hair extensions are Super soft and smooth with a beautiful shine. The hair feels absolutely natural and blends with natural hair easily. I am sure nobody can figure out if you are wearing extensions.

Color: I picked the reddish brown shade “Ginger” in 22” to add a glamorous touch to my hair. The hair extensions are almost straight with slight curl towards the end which is very close to natural hair. So, I don’t need to use any hair styling tool to blend them with my natural hair.

Tester: Also, they provide a tester hair extension so that you can check the color and size of the hair extension and see if it according to your liking. And in case you are not happy with anything you can get the hair extensions exchanged or returned.

Usage: These clip-in hair extensions are very easy to use and it just takes few minutes to get them on. Now you can transform your hair into long, voluminous, shiny locks in minutes.

Staying: The hair extensions stay in place whole day. I can move around, Dance and basically do anything I do on a usual day. They feel comfortable for hours, however I feel a little heaviness towards the end of the day. That could be because I had the heaviest and the longest hair extension clipped-in.

Recommendation: Irresistible Me Silky Touch Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, length and even color to the hair within minutes. The extensions are made with 100% natural hair which is soft and silky smooth. You can trim or cut the extension to go with your hair style or even color them to match your requirements. Just store them carefully so that the hair doesn’t get tangled and your voluminous colorful hair are just a clip away.

Irresistible Me specializes in human hair extensions and lace wigs, and offers a wide range of colors and lengths to choose from. You must try these out if you are on the lookout for high quality human hair extensions. Recommended!

irresistible-me-hair-extention-packagingirresistible-me-hair-extentions-silky-touchirresistible-me-hair-extention-instructions irresistible-me-hair-extenstions-clipirresistible-me-clip-in-hair-extenstions-sealirresistible-me-hair-extentions-silky-touch-reviewirresistible-me-hair-extentions-reviewirresistible-me-clip-in-hair-extenstions-silky-ginger-review irresistible-me-clip-in-hair-extenstions-silky-gingerirresistible-me-clip-in-hair-extenstionsHave you tried Clip-in Hair Extensions? Would you like to go for a colored or a natural hair look ?

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