Indian Attar: NEESH Perfumes for Men

Posted on May 24 2016 - 10:00am by poonam

Indian Attar: NEESH Perfumes for Men


Love Perfumes?

I love perfumes and I am sure you do too.. !! I have never been that much into Deo’s even in my teens because they never lasted for more than 30 min on me and felt like a total waste of money :P..


Perfumes are hella expensive and make you go bankrupt if you get addicted to them and even after spending a bomb you can not be sure if they will last longer on you.. :-/

So, here is an inexpensive solution which will let you enjoy the rich, long lasting scent without costing a bomb, the Indian Attar: NEESH Perfumes for Men

About the Brand: NEESH is the first Attar based Perfume brand of India. They offer 12 High quality fragrances which includes 6 Parfumes Variant for Men and Women each. Neesh perfumes are concentrated with 10-20% oils that makes them last upto 12 hours. Some of the ingredients are made the same way as ancient India used to make attar. The perfumes are antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant. Moisturizing. Neesh is also the first oriental perfume brand that comes in a pikpack.

Price: Rs. 340 for 20 ml (Buy online on Snapdeal, Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay )

Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Description: NEESH perfumes are budget friendly fragrances, which fits in a pocket, so they can be called pocket perfumes or perfume in a pocket. There are 12 perfumes launched for both men and women.


Packaging: NEESH Perfumes comes in colourful rectangular shaped cardboard packaging which carries all the product details. The perfume comes in a recantagular shaped bottle called “Pikpack” with a small cut out at the top for the spray. It is a fuss free packaging which easily fits into the pockets. Each fragrance carries a distinct color which makes it easy to identify scents but I absolutely love the Mughal era inspired design on the packaging with Urdu lettering. The packaging is designed to be easy to use and travel friendly and it totally is. Love this unique one of its kind packaging for perfumes.

My Experience with NEESH Perfumes For Men:

NEESH Perfumes collection is divided into two where 6 of these gorgeous scents are made for women and 6 for men. I have already shared the review for NEESH Perfumes for Women  and today I will be talking about NEESH Perfumes for Men.

Why NEESH Perfumes are different?

Well.. have you heard of Attar. Yeah, these are the perfumes oils that have been used by people in Ancient times. These Neesh Perfumes contains 10-12% of these perfumes oils which among the highest and this what makes them stronger than the rest.

Fragrances: NEESH Perfumes has a large variety of fragrance and you can easily pick the one that works for you. There is a huge variation of fragrances from woody, spicy, musky to slightly sweet which can be worn by anyone. Though my personal favourite from the collection are Moha-beau-t and Attar-e-Ishq

Longevity: They have truly surprised me with their staying power. Usually perfumes fade away within 4-5 hours unless you are paying a bomb but these NEESH ones have easily lasted for 8 – 10 hours while some of them over a day. I am totally in awe of their formula which contains natural oils that helps fragrances last longer. They can surely beat any expensive perfume with their staying power.. Awesome!

Let me share the fragrances from the NEESH Perfumes – Men’s Collection:

  1. Attar-e-Nazakat: It is medium strong scent with sweet woody top notes and a light amber musky base. The scent seems more apt for a date night  if you would like to go for a graceful and elegant scent with some unforgettable historical touch
  2. Attar-e-Ishq: It is a light medium scent with crisp clean notes. The scent is perfect for Teens who wants to make an impression.  I like the soft floral, woody top notes but the head turner is its gorgeous mix of Musky and Vanilla base notes which makes it impossible to resist!!
  3. Oud-e-Khaas: One of the lightest scents from the group which keep you enticing for me. I really enjoy how the fragrance transforms from just being a regular scent to a luxurious glam. Love it!
  4. Moha-beau-t: It is one of the most amusing scents I have ever tried. It is strong, intense but at the same time very captivating and charming. Starts with French Rose top notes which give it a luxurious feel, it settles down to a musky woody mix with a spicy hint giving it that something extra-ordinary. Again, one of my favourites.
  5. Attar-e-Neesh: I don’t really feel for this smell as it quite an intense and complex scent. It smells like a Pan to me when it settles down but not the one that will be tempted to eat
  6. Eau-De-Mehfil: It is one of my least favourites from the bunch because of its sweet top notes. I am not really into sweet scents but if you don’t mind the sweetness than you might like it as it settles in a lovely woody, rosy scent which makes it suitable for evening parties.

Don’t Miss to Checkout:

The perfumes aren’t heavily priced and with such an affordable price tag that anyone can own a beautiful, long lasting scent within budget. I loved the Neesh Perfumes Women’s collection to the bit and am really excited to share this NEESH Perfumes Men’s collection with Mr. husband as he is already loving the unisex scents from Women’s collection.

Recommendation: NEESH Perfumes for Men has a nice variation of scents with a good mix of spicy, woody, musky notes which means you can pick the ones that works for you. NEESH is an Indian Perfume Brand and I absolutely love how they came up with this huge collection of perfumes that contains rare natural ingredients that give a long lasting and luxurious fragrance. NEESH perfumes are one of the Best Quality Indian Fragrances at unbeatable price. Highly Recommended!

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried these Indian Attar: NEESH Perfumes for Men? Which is your favourite perfume for summers?

PS: Product is sent by the brand for consideration, but honest review 

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