Friendship day Makeup Look Ideas

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Friendship day Makeup Look Ideas

Today’s Guest Of Honour : Neeraj Navare  from BeautyTraveller

Friendship Day is a very special day for many of us. We celebrate our Friendships everyday through sharing and caring for each other and this day honours the special bonds that we are bound in. The first Sunday of the month of August is a month of reconciling broken ties, getting together and celebrating the true essence of being friends (new or over the longest years). You don’t need a reason to have a best friend, you need to be lucky. This article is about the being and making one feel special on this beautiful day.

No makeup Makeup Look for Frienship dayNowadays, makeup has become an integral part of a daily routine. May it be a Bold Lip or a quintessential Smokey eye, we are all on the go to be trendy and make a statement. But when it’s a Friendship Day, it’s all about loving your friends and being with them. That doesn’t count for making a statement (although no one has stopped you and it’s not a rule). ‎That counts for a flawless and effortless look that can be donned in minutes before you get out of the house. When nothing overpowers and you look fresh as a daisy, the candlelit evening suppers and dinners add a magical glow to the face.

In today’s article I shall be giving some useful tips to create this ethereal glow and still have the ‘No Makeup Look’ on. Please note that the products discussed in this article are some of my tried and tested products and it’s not a compulsion to buy them. You can always find dupes.

No makeup Makeup Look


It may sound clichéd but a good skin care is the key to a good makeup look. A meticulous skin care keeps you looking healthy and radiant and a good balanced diet boosts the glow from within. Clear skin also accepts the makeup easily and warms it up so that the makeup looks natural and flawless.

  • With the basic cleansing, toning, serum and moisturizer routine, indulge yourself in a special treatment a day prior to the evening plans that you’ve made.
  • This could involve a mild exfoliation using your favorite scrub like Clarins Gentle Refiner or the newly launched Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi action cleansing gelee/refiner. These products remove the surface dead skin‎ cells and boost up skin’s capacity to absorb other treatment products.
  • Then goes a mask that gives your the most surreal skin. I love my (samples) of Sisley Black Rose Mask or the Radiant Mask. But any mask would do. I also love and suggest a lot of different Korean sheet masks that are instant treatments and are known to bathe the skin in moisture and hydration.
  • A super moisturized skin is a super glowing skin. These are some ideal achievements. If you have an oily skin, then opt for purifying masks like Clarins Pink Clay mask or Clinique anti blemish solutions oil control mask which also takes care of the acne and/or acne prone skin. An overnight hydrating mask like the one from Kiehl’s also does magic and keeps it longer.

THE MAKEUP Do’s and Dont’s

  •  Since it’s a friendship Day, try deciding the look with your besties in advance. It’s just fun when all get their makeup n hair done together and also help each other getting ready, irrespective of the occasion.
  • I advice keeping it casual, effortless and almost androgynous if you can. Refrain from making statements or overpowering makeup if you’re not used to it. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin.
  • A group of friends can stick to a theme for makeup and hair, and all do an uniformly inspired look. For eg. makeup and hair dos of the 60s and 70s OR something high fashion. If not, the embrace neutral flesh or rosy toned makeups that will put your best face forward.
  • It’s monsoons. It’s better to avoid piling makeup on the face. It’s better to keep it simple and glowing and of course waterproof. When a heavy makeup is No No, a glowing skin is a full on YES!!!


  • opt for BB or CC creams or a light foundation over a full coverage foundation. See thru skin looks amazingly flattering. My favorites are Bourjois CC cream, Estee Lauder Double wear bb cream, Shiseido BB cream, Clinique’s moisture surge cc cream and Maybelline BB stick.
  • learn the subtle art of spot concealing. This means an industrial strength concealer that is applied on tiny areas of the face that need extra help. You can dilute this concealer with your favorite gel based under eye cream and use it for under eye circles. ‎My favorite concealer that goes without saying is Dermacolor and Cover fx full coverage foundation. Some light weight concealers like MAC Pro long wear are amazing too. 
  • don’t forget to set it all with a dab of translucent powder. I found Derma color loose powder to be very very amazing and since it’s silica based, it’s a waterproof genius. 
  • the blush has to mimic a natural flush and the bronzer has to give you a subtle glow. That’s what I expect. Use a highlighter liberally as evening incandescent lights make the candlelit glow very inviting. For blushes, my top picks are MAC Desert rose, Pinch Me and Peachy keen. Clinique’s blushing blush in Innocent peach and Precious Posy. Chanel Joues Contraste in Orchid Rose, rose petale and frivole.
  • For bronzers I love and recommend Guerlain’s Terracotta. For highlighters, MAC mineralize skin finishes and extra dimensions are simply marvelous. The Clinique Fresh bloom all over color in Peony blend is the best one ever.
  • If you live in an amazing climate, you can opt for a cream blush although it’s not possible in majority of times. I simply love the genius Chanel Creme blush as the formula is more than perfect.


  • Sometimes a simple kohl rimmed eye and mascara looks perfect. It’s all about enjoying the moments than trying to achieve the perfect cat eye. Go waterproof as however strong your friendship is, a waterproof eye formulation is always your bestest friend. I love the Guerlain retractable liner in Black jack and my favorite waterproof mascara happens to be Dior’s Blackout Waterproof.
  • Choose long lasting cream eyeshadows over powder ones. These are effortless, quick and the results are bedazzling. MAC has an array of paint pots, Clinique makes their Chubby tint for eyes, Dior has a fabulous line of their Fusion cream eyeshadows and Chanel’sIllusion D’ombre are beautiful beyond imagination. 
  • Don’t spare those stray brows. Tame them with a MAC brow gel


  • I love rose-bud lips. Those rosy tones and fleshy beiges with a gloss slick are the most flattering ones ever. As Bobbi Brown has aptly said ‘Apply a flesh tone lipstick that is exactly your color or darker (unless you are in LA).
  • Some lipstick favorites comes from the rosy tones and beigey peaches from Estee Lauder and Lancome Rouge in love ranges.
  • I love my MAC clear gloss as its great to add shine but not change the personality of the lipstick. 

Makeup Look for Friendship day

Credits: Makeup – Neeraj Navare for Beauty Traveller, Photography by Munjal Gandhi and Brijesh Bhindora

Hence, we conclude with a No makeup look and a great smile:) .Friends are connected with hearts and souls and beyond. Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day.

 About Author: Neeraj  is professional makeup artist and is writing on and off on Beauty Traveller. For him, blogging was the easiest way to exhibit his views and let the creative energy flow. He also freelanced as a bridal makeup artist and assisted backstage at fashion shows. He also taught makeup to people on 101 basis and took makeup classes.Neeraj From Beauty Traveller

BMM Says: Hey Neeraj, what a commendable job, seriously now I don’t need to look somewhere else to find what should I be buying next, so many options and recommendations for all sorts of products for a no makeup look especially BB creams.  Loved the way you made the skin look flawless and amazingly beautiful, in awe of your work. Wish some day I get a chance to be your canvas.. happy Friendship day. 🙂

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