Fall Makeup Tips: How to Look Spectacular During The Cold Days?

Posted on Oct 18 2018 - 11:08pm by poonam

Fall Makeup Tips: How to Look Spectacular During The Cold Days?

When fall is here and we have winter  around the corner, it is time for some adjustments in your regular makeup routine. The truth is that your summer products will not be as helpful as they were. You were trying to ditch the heavy and creamy products and switch to powder, but now it is time to do the opposite. Your skin needs to be well protected from the cold breeze. It is time for changes in your makeup routine. Read on and find out how to do it!

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Skin changes:

When the cold weather strikes, your skin will not be so happy about it. It is very likely that you will experience changes in your skin type. And this means that your skincare routine should change accordingly. For example, normal skin can become dry. And this means that you have to get a more moisturizing product.  If your skin tends to be dry and dull, you can go for a rich face oil. This will provide your skin with hydration, as well as the needed nutrients.

Face massage

As the fall is here, you know that you will not keep your glow till long. If you still want to keep the radiance, then a face massage will do the trick. This will boost the blood circulation and tone your skin at the same time. The result is healthy looking glowy skin.

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Blush and lipstick is the winning combo

Your summer tan is about to fade, and you are not so keen on that fact. But do not worry, as there are other fall-approved ways to add a bit of color to will freshen up your look. Pick a nice blush and lipstick shade to achieve the desired effect.

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Replace powder with liquid

If you struggle with flakiness and dryness as soon as your skin gets in touch with the cold breeze, then this is the trick that will help you out. Powder products are not hydration-friendly, as they will accentuate your dry skin. Replace your powder with liquid products to avoid flaky skin. This refers to foundation, eye shadow, as well as concealer and blush. Use products that are rich in moisture to achieve the fresh and glowy look.

Love the fall colors

There is something special about the colors of the autumn. So, feel free to embrace them in your makeup looks. Invest in a good palette with earth brown, copper, and rusty tones. This will get you in the fall mood.

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