Faces Canada Soothing Gel Eye Mask Review

Posted on Dec 20 2012 - 10:30am by poonam

Faces Canada Soothing Gel Eye Mask


Today, I am sharing another product for our lovely eyes. Sometimes, I really feel bad for my eyes as they have to go through a lot every day. Though, I totally enjoy the refreshing nap on our way to office but 8 to 6 job and the habit of sticking to the laptop till late in the night plays spoilsport. Dear eyes stay open and awake from the moment I get up in the morning till I hit the bed again. Long exposure to Laptop screen plays havoc with eyes health and they look are red and tired by the end of the day.

I am regular with under-eye creams before going to sleep but eyes need special attention and better care to sustain the stress and look beautiful and fresh every day. Since when I got introduced to this concept of eye gel masks I was desperately looking for one and could find that only in one Indian Brand Faces, without blabbing any more I will start with my experience on Faces Canada Soothing Gel Eye Mask.


Product Claims:


Price:- Rs.135

My experience with Faces Canada Soothing Gel Eye Mask:-

The Faces Gel Eye Mask is a plastic sheet filled with blue colored gel like liquid. The mask has an elastic band attached to put it over the head while the mask will be treating your eyes.


The shape of the mask isn’t perfect and slightly over-sized for my facial structure and eyes which have dug inside due to my spectacles but still it does a decent job at de-straining them by its cooling effect. The gel liquid cools down quickly and it’s ready to be used within 15-20 min of placing it into the freezer. The gel retains its cooling for good enough time which helps in de-stressing for long duration.

I normally keep it in freezer and get it out when eyes feel exhausted. It is too chilled at first and I couldn’t keep it for more than few seconds on me so I leave for few minutes so that it warms up a bit and the temperature becomes bearable. The eyes feel relaxed in its soothing cool feel and get rid of all the tiredness and fatigue. I really like this for its ease of use and effectiveness.

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Pros of Faces Soothing Gel Eye mask:-

  1. De-stress eyes effectively
  2. Provides instant relief
  3. Pocket friendly
  4. Comes very handy and extremely convenient to use.

Cons of Faces Soothing Gel Eye mask:-

  1. The shape and design of the mask can be improved but I feel itne me itna hi milegaa.. 🙂
  2. The Gel quality could have been better which can retain the cooling a bit longer.
  3. Not easily available in stores but thumbs up to online websites.

Recommendation:- Faces Canada Soothing Gel Eye Mask  is great way to pamper tired eyes in the most easiest way. The mask gives a soothing cool feel to the eyes instantly and relives them from all the stress and fatigue.  It gives a feel good factor to my eyes.

The mask once kept in refrigerator retains the cooling for a good enough time and the price tag it comes with is just amazing. It is a must-have product specially for those whoo stays glued to the laptop screens (like me 🙂 ).



Rating:- 4/5

Have you tried Faces Canada Soothing Gel Eye Mask? What you do to pamper your eyes?

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