Everything You Need to Know About Baguette Diamonds

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Everything You Need to Know About Baguette Diamonds

The unusual name of the baguette diamonds was inspired by the famous elongated French breadstick. However, another widely-recognized meaning is that taken after the diminutive of the word “baguette”, which is “bague”, meaning “ring”. However, the baguette cutting style, now widely-known, was reintroduced to the market by the brand Cartier, back in 1912. In the 20th century, the English language finally used the word “baguette” to describe this particular and very interesting cutting style of a diamond.

It may not come as a secret that most people are familiar and prefer the cushion, round, pear-shaped or princess diamonds that we see everywhere nowadays. Many don’t know details about the baguette diamond cut which is a shame because this is truly an unusual and special shape that also looks gorgeous on jewelry. In a way, this shape is similar to the emerald one. The only difference is that, as opposed to the four pointed corners in a baguette cut, an emerald-like one has slanted corners. Over the first few decades, the baguette cut was used mostly in elegant costume jewelry. Nowadays, the most popular pieces of jewelry in which a baguette cut is used for a diamond are wedding rings.


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The Special Baguette Diamonds

This type of cut in diamonds is indeed a very special kind and this related article on baguette diamonds is very telling when it comes to the more technical part of this subject. Things like brilliance, clarity, facets or price are extremely important when it comes to choosing such a special shape of diamond and worth knowing. However, its modern usage is also a fascinating part of this gem, as it can be used in almost any size you want.

Usually, this kind of cut includes small diamonds which are then positioned in larger numbers next to each other on pieces of jewelry like wedding rings, wedding bands, necklaces or earrings. It’s also interesting that thanks to this shape, these small diamonds are often combined with other gemstones like sapphires or rubies, offering an incredible look to your valuable accessories.

Baguette diamonds, because of their interesting shape, can be used on their own, usually on engagement rings, but also, there are a lot of jewelers who like to incorporate them as side stones with the purpose of accentuating the presence of another, bigger stone in that piece of jewelry.

What to Know Before Buying a Baguette Diamond

Most baguette diamonds are very clear when you look at them and that’s mostly because of the cut that doesn’t sparkle as much as other ones. Be wary of the fact that even the smallest imperfections (called inclusions for gemstones) will be very obvious on such a cut.

Also, if you wish to have a baguette cut diamond as your main gem on a piece of jewelry, it’s not an easy task. Most jewelry stores do not usually have them available and you might have to wait for some time to get it. However, it’s worth it because such an unusual and timeless cut is certain to make an impression.

Moreover, if you are searching for baguette cut diamonds to use as secondary stones, make sure that they have matching attributes with the main stone. Take clarity and color into consideration here, as well as consistency. Many people make the mistake of focusing only on the center stone and forget about the rest. However, such a detail can ruin the entire appearance of your piece of jewelry.

Because of the increasing popularity of the round-shaped diamond cuts, baguette cuts have become a rarity. Make sure that your jewelry store can provide you with such a diamond before deciding to go for this special shape. Nowadays, buyers show little to no interest in baguette diamonds which is really a shame because they are so incredibly beautiful.


Finally, deciding on a baguette diamond is no easy task, mostly because they are not very popular nowadays. However, you should know that their price is a lot smaller than that of other types of diamonds, but this is not because they are of a lesser quality or uglier. On the contrary. The only reason why baguette diamond cuts are cheaper is that most manufacturers have reached the conclusion that they are not that fashionable today.

Everybody is free to make any choice they want, whether or not they prefer to go with the latest trends. Baguette diamonds are truly one of a kind and offering such a beautiful gift to someone, whether in a ring or other jewelry, can mean a lot to them. Make your choice wisely and according to your own preferences or those of the person receiving the diamond.

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