Different Ways to Use Bio Oil: Bio Oil Benefits for SKIN 2018

Posted on Apr 7 2018 - 6:00am by poonam

Different Ways to Use Bio-Oil

Bio-oil took the beauty world by storm when it was launched in India, not only was it gaining popularity for working on stretch marks, but also for the numerous good things it was doing to the skin! Almost every woman I came across raved about this little magic in a bottle, and that’s when exploration stared and we came up with different ways to use bio-oil, proceed if you would like to know all the awesome things this does to your skin. Bio Oil benefits for skin are amazing and the different ways to use Bio Oil for Face are promising.

Different Ways to Use Bio Oil 2018

Let’s see what are all these Bio Oil uses for face whihc includes scars, acne and marks removal.

10 Different Ways to Use Bio-Oil

  1. Improves skin tone:

Majority of Indian women suffer unevenness of skin, caused by numerous reasons that include genetics, sun exposure, unhealthy diet or low maintenance of skin. Bio-oil for face helps reduce even tone your skin, and also gets rid of any blotchiness when used every single day for a minimum of six weeks! Try it to believe it!Uses of Bio Oil- Improves Skin tone

  1. Clears pimple marks:

Pimple marks are the worst thing that happen to a girl, pimples are okay, but pimple marks are not! So, when your zit has popped out, just dab some bio-oil on the area to prevent formation of a scar! Bio Oil Benefits are not just limited to this though.Uses of Bio Oil- Clears Acne Scars

  1. Treats dry skin:

Well, with winters driving people crazy, bio-oil will definitely save your life if you are dry skinned! It is one of the most hydrating moisturizers/oils that will keep all dryness at bay! The moisturizing Bio Oil Benefits can definitely be counted upon.Uses of Bio Oil- Treats Dry Skin

  1. Has anti-aging effects:

Wrinkles and fine lines are unwelcomed, no matter what age you are! Bio-oil will be your knight in shining armor to treat signs of aging, due to the presence of Vitamins A and E that promote cell turnover and nourish the skin from deep within!Uses of Bio Oil- Anti Aging Benefits

  1. Crack-free feet:

One of the problems I suffer cracked feet! But this unusual Bio oil benefit will help treat cracked heels and keeps them hydrated when applied regularly. So, Bye Bye Cracks!Uses of Bio Oil- Heals Cracked Feet

  1. Extra dose of gloss:

Why spend so much money on expensive products, when bio oil can get the job done for you? It adds just the right amount of gloss to your legs without going overboard, so get ready to flaunt those legs in that LBD, you could also add a few drops to your bronzer for a gorgeous shine! This Bio Oil benefits is amazing,Uses of Bio Oil- Shiny Legs

  1. Cuticle Softener:

Didn’t get the time to hit the salon for that Mani session? Worry not, as bio-oil works efficiently when you have peeling cuticles. Simply dab some oil on a cotton round or Q-tip and apply to the cuticle area, leave it overnight and see the difference for yourself. Bio Oil for Skin does amazing job!Uses of Bio Oil- Cuticle Softener

  1. Before a swim:

Chlorinated water can cause damage to both your skin and hair. So, before you take a plunge, make sure to dab some bio oil on your tresses and skin, so it is protected from any discoloration that chlorine may cause.Uses of Bio Oil- Protects while Swimming

  1. Massage it away:

Bio oil is an excellent alternative to your usual massage oils, as it helps muscles relax and gives the body a nice dose of hydration, both at the same time! Need I say more? Bio Oil benefits are bowling me over now!Uses of Bio Oil- Massage Oil

  1. Prevents infections:

If you are planning to get your tattoo removed, you can definitely rely on bio-oil for the after effects that include burning and itchiness, it can also be used post an ear or nose piercing session to prevent infection and flaking. Bio Oil uses for skin are awesome. Uses of Bio Oil- Prevents Infections

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