Different Ways to French Plait your Hair

Posted on Dec 12 2016 - 10:00am by poonam

Different ways to French Plait your Hair

One of 2016’s favorite hair trends, shown off by celebrities and modeled on the catwalks, was the French plait – a timeless way to dress your hair. Keep it cool with a casual messy looking do, or ask a friend to assist and create a stunning chic style that wouldn’t look out of place at a wedding, and will make you look fabulous at any festive party event. Try my easy-to-master tips and techniques, and give your hair the gorgeous French plait treatment this season.

Best Hair Styles for Long Hair - Different ways to French Plait Hair

Side French plait bun

This elegant French plait works beautifully to keep the hair away from your face, and looks effortless with large, slightly loose sections, teased into a sweeping side style. With slightly damp hair parted to the left, begin plaiting from the hairline, gradually adding more hair with each crossover, until just above the left neckline. Then plait horizontally across, towards the right neckline, aiming to have gathered all the hair into the French plait by the time you reach the bottom of the right ear. Then complete the style with a traditional plait and secure with a band. To keep it sleek, loop into a small bun and secure with pins. Dress it up for an evening out with delicate jewelled hair accessories, or keep it simple with just a pretty clip.Different ways to French Plait Hair - Side French plait Bun

Double French plait

An edgy style, this unique inverted double French plait adds a great dynamic to a casual outfit. Divide the hair down the centre of the head, and work on one side at a time, keeping the other side secure with a clip. Start with three small sections at the hairline, and plait the hair downwards, weaving the sections under each other, rather than over, as with a classic French plait. Add a small section of hair each time as you plait, pulling the sections firmly and tightly to achieve a neat finish. On reaching the neckline, keep plaiting until the end of the hair, and secure with a band. Repeat with the other side, keeping hair sections consistent for a uniform look.  Different ways to French Plait Hair - double French plait

Half up double French plait

For perfect boho chic, this simple-to-do French plait creates a flowing, carefree look for that lazy weekend style. Starting at the left side, begin a soft French plait around the side of the head, only bringing in very small sections of hair from the top side. When you reach the centre of the head, secure with a clip, and begin the right side. Once you have two plaits at the same point, begin to plait them together, combining them down the back of the head into one long, thin plait. The result is a slim plait that sits neatly around the back of your head, keeping your hair away from your face, but allowing the length of your hair to cascade freely down your back. You can also casually weave some tiny flowers into the plaits to complete the look.Different ways to French Plait Hair - double French plait

Take it slowly, practice, and most of all have fun, and you’ll master these stunning styles in no time at all! Straightening can help those with thicker hair, otherwise slightly damp hair can make it easier to handle, and a light spritz with hairspray afterwards will help to keep your gorgeous new style in place.

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