How Can You Lose Weight by Eating Every THREE Hours?!

Posted on Mar 17 2018 - 10:00am by poonam

How Can You Lose Weight by Eating Every THREE Hours?! 

Losing weight requires a lot of dedication and being consistent is the key! In order to lose weight, eating every three hours works if you do it correctly! The types of foods you eat, size proportions and other factors have to be kept in mind when you plan on getting fitter, and one of the biggest contributors would be eating every few hours to keep full and kill those hunger pangs.  According to studies, women who ate more than three meals a day had lesser chances of getting obese and cholesterol.  So, we will tell you how you can lose weight by eating every three hours.

How to Lose weight by eating every Three Hours

Why Should You Eat Every Three Hours?

When you eat more frequently, you tend to feel more energized as your metabolic rate is up. A higher metabolic rate indicates that your body burns more calories all through the day, the more calories you burn, the more fat you melt.

  • It helps fat loss
  • You feel less hungry
  • You have more energy
  • You will not cheat your diet.

Lose weight by eating every Three Hours - Less carbs more proteins

Also, if you do not want to ditch your diet plan, make sure you are following these steps mentioned below

  1. Prepare your food well in advance, at least a few hours prior your meal time, this will save you the stress and laziness that tags along, making you order something from outside.
  2. Always make it a point to carry your food along with you especially if you are working, this helps you not binge on other foods.
  3. Stop caring of what people might think of you, do what you heart will and success will knock at your door.

Lose weight by eating every Three Hours - Balanced Diet

Why Portion matters?

Proper portions are the key-factors when it comes to shedding off that extra weight. Maintain the proportion of your food like you would for a three time meal. Eating frequently will boost your metabolism, and the calories consumed will cause extra calories in your food. Also, make it a point to not have food while watching the Television or eating something out of a box, as you will eat more than you need to! Also, the kind of food you consume plays a major role in aiding weight loss as well. Your weight-loss plan must contain nutritionally dense foods which have low amounts of sugar and salt. For that, you must eat lean meat, less dairy products, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

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Eating Six Meals Vs Eating Three Meals

When you eat frequently, your body is less likely to feel lethargic or crave unhealthy foods which may not be very good for an effective diet plan. This happens because your are fuelling your body with food every few hours, which is indirectly reducing your hunger pangs, even if you are consuming lesser calories than you normally would, its keeping your weight under check.

Lose weight by eating every Three Hours Small Portions

Also, you must keep in mind to not to consume extra calories while trying to lose weight. For example, you shouldn’t eat 2,000 calories in a day when you only planned on having a 1,000! Once you are sure about how much your body needs per day, you can divide it equally depending upon how many meals you are planning to eat each day.Lose weight by eating every Three Hours 5 meals a day

Weight loss is a slow process and will take time to happen, it will not happen overnight as it took you quite some time to get to that weight. Find a pattern that works the best for you, your meals can be divided into four, five or six depending on how your body handles it. Your metabolism gets truly boosted when your lean muscle increases.

Lose weight by eating every Three Hours - Exercise

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So, alongside eating healthy you should also make it a point to move around, exercise as this helps burn calories as well. Go for a formal exercise such as pedaling or an elliptical machine, or get yourself to take a walk around the park, wash the car or scrub the floor. This will help you lose weight efficiently; eating every few hours combined with minor exercise is the best way to get that piled on weight off.

So hope this helps you in your journey of weight loss as now you know How you can Lose Weight by Eating Every THREE Hours.

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