Buy Nothing but “The Best” from

Posted on Mar 4 2016 - 10:00am by poonam

Buy Nothing but “The Best” from

Hello Beautiful,

I am sure like me you are also an Online shopping addict and prefer surfing online online than to suffer in heat and traffic to reach the stores. I have bought shoes, clothes, accessories, makeup, skincare and almost everything online but not glasses. Well, if you don’t know we have a one stop Eye Wear Website – Website Review

About the Brand: Lenskart is India’s leading online shopping portal for eyewear. It offers a great amount of options ranging from sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses. Lenskart is India’s only eyewear website that gives great discounts and amazing offers on a daily basis.

I wanted to get glasses from but was apprehensive to buy them without trying because you know what if they don’t fit, they don’t work on my face and most importantly can I trust their lenses.. but wait.. I have something exciting to share to share with you, the “ Lenskart 3DT has come up with the best way to manufacture glasses, the 3 decimal testing where each eyeglass manufactured by Lenskart goes through 3 decimal testing (3D testing) performed by MEI machines. For the first time in India, this robotic technology from Germany creates micro-precision lenses which are accurate to 3 decimal places. No rounding off… isn’t it Awesome! website

Why 3 Decimal Testing is the best:

  1. Lenses are cut by robotic machines using German technologies
  2. It’s made by robots so no room for human error.
  3. Edging of lenses by MEI machines provide lenses accurate to 3 decimal places
  4. It covers Aspheric, Anti-Glare & Super Hydrophobic Lens with Robotic Inspection

Now, you must be thinking that all of this will add on to the cost of lenses but no that’s not the case because there are no Middleman involved and you are getting the product directly from the manufacturer, hence emitting any additional costs. So, you get the best quality at the lowest price.

Even now, if you are not convinced to buy lenses from read on!

Why Choose Lenskart over Local Optician.

  1. You can choose from over 3000+ styles which is the largest variety you see at one place
  2. You will be getting the best quality with 7 layer polished imported material
  3. You don’t need to pay any charge for services or middleman involves so definitely best quality at lowest price.
  4. You will get lenses accurate to 3 decimal places and no rounding off like the local opticians
  5. Above all, provides 14day return policy and 1 year warranty which no local optician gives.

lenskart website Review

I am absolutely stunned by all these awesome services that is providing and I am definitely be getting my next lenses from the site…because they offer the best!

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