Bridal Jewellery Worn by the Traditional Indian Bride

Posted on Oct 31 2018 - 6:12pm by poonam

Bridal Jewellery Worn by the Traditional Indian Bride

In India, how a bride looks on her wedding day depends, among other things, on the pieces of jewellery she wears. Here are listed some jewellery pieces that are traditionally worn by most Indian brides.Melorra Jewelry

The Maang Tikka on the Forehead

The popularity of this piece of jewellery has been on the rise in recent years. Many brides have been influenced by Bollywood characters in movies like the recent ‘Padmaavat’ to wear a maang tikka on their wedding day. The centre of the hair is parted, and the maang tikka is placed there with a classy pendant falling over the bride’s forehead. The pendant can be a beautiful gemstone, and the maang tikka a gold one. It is important that the right maang tikka be worn on the big day. For this, the bride is to be guided by the size of her forehead. A large and heavy maang tikka will look good on a bride who has a broad forehead. On the other hand, a bride with a smaller forehead should choose a light and delicate maang tikka. Moreover, the other jewellery pieces like necklaces and earrings should be purchased first, and only after that should the maang tikka be selected. It should match the colours of the earrings and the necklaces, but the bride can also choose a maang tikka of another colour to make herself look outstandingly different.

The Nath on the Nose

Traditionally, a nose ring or ‘nath’ represents the virginity of the bride. But it is the personal choice of the modern bride whether she would wear the round nose ring or not. Considered to be the most beautiful Indian jewellery piece, wearing a nose ring on the day of the wedding instantly adds a certain element of uniqueness to the bridal look. If a bride wants to wear a nose ring, she should get one made by choosing colours that would match the colour of her bridal attire and the metals and colours of other pieces of jewellery that she is to wear that day. The size of the nose ring should be decided keeping in mind the shape and size of the bride’s face.

The Ring on the Finger

It is true that a bride wears different pieces of jewellery on her special day. But the one jewellery piece that remains close to her heart throughout her life is the wedding ring. Engagement rings are usually diamond ones worn by the bride on the third finger of her right hand. But she might look up ring designs in gold for female and wear other finger rings as well, according to her preferences. In recent times, brides can be seen wearing rings studded with colourful stones that match the colour of her wedding outfit.Melorra Bridal Jewelry

The Necklace on the Neck

Every Indian bride believes a necklace to be the most important and traditional part of her bridal apparel. Some wear necklaces made of gold with a few glittery touches of uncut diamonds, while others prefer to wear long chokers set with one or more stones. To prevent the neck area from appearing bare, the bride can search from gold pendant set designs with price listed online. A necklace adds a touch of glamour to the aura exuded by the bride.

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