The Best Way to Apply Foundation

Posted on Aug 13 2018 - 10:08pm by poonam

The Best Way to Apply Foundation

Makeup is considered to be a woman’s secret weapon. Women love makeup because it gives them the opportunity to become whoever they want to be. When used properly, makeup could enhance a person’s natural beauty and highlight the more desirable aspects of the face. Famous brands like Shu Uemura products have made cosmetic products that rely on women becoming more comfortable with their own beauty.

One of the most crucial parts of doing your makeup is covering your face. Getting foundation right is considered to be one of the most important parts of applying makeup since the base is almost like a second skin. If you do it right, your foundation will seem invisible; but if you do the whole process incorrectly, the foundation could flake and cause problems for your skin.

How to Apply Foundation Perfectly

Before knowing the best methods in applying foundation, you have to choose your product wisely. There are many different considerations before buying a foundation like the type of skin you have, the frequency of usage and the skin tone. While most foundations can be used for dry, oily or combination, some products oxidize quicker than others and it would cause problems for your face like darkening and drying.

If you’ve chosen your weapon, now you must learn how to use it. Here are some of the steps in applying your foundation:

How to Apply Foundation Perfectly:

  1. Prepare your face

The best way to apply foundation is to apply it on a clean surface. In the Korean beauty bible, you have to cleanse with oil and water cleansers. In my beauty bible, you should start your cleansing with a foam or facial cleanser. You’ll notice that even after the foam, oil and water cleansers, your cotton could still contain dirt. Unchecked dirt would not only lead to bad and flaky foundation, it would also lead to problematic skin in the long run.

After cleansing, you should tone and moisturize your face so that it stays healthy and hydrated even when covered with makeup. The toner and moisturizer combo could also help make sure that the foundation flows through your skin in one smooth motion. If you neglect to cleanse then tone and moisturize, you could leave dry spots on your skin that would make the foundation hard to apply and blend.

  1. Test and apply

People make the mistake of directly applying the foundation unto their face without testing its consistency and texture. Since foundation is a cosmetic product that’s easily affected by air and other elements, one of the best ways to apply foundation is to try it and see if the texture is desirable enough for application. A test is not only done to see if the skin is compatible with the cosmetic product, but it is also done in order to make sure that the foundation hasn’t dried up or hasn’t expired yet.

If you’re sure that the product is good to go then you can apply it on your face. Take a small amount of foundation and dab them as small dots across your face depending on how thick you’re planning to have it. The best way to apply foundation is to go with dabbing instead of smearing to make for an even application.

  1. Blend the applied foundation

There are a lot of methods to blend foundation. Before the creation of the beauty blending tool, foundation used to be blended by the means of a wet sponge. It’s important to read up on the brand of foundation that you’re using so that you can buy the appropriate blending tools to supplement it. If you applied moisturizer underneath your foundation, using a wet sponge could smear the cream as well so if you need to use a wet sponge, dab it in small portions.

  1. Fine-tune your look

After applying and blending your foundation, you have to check how it looks. If there are still visible blemishes or dark circles under the eyes, you can use concealer. Just tap concealer on the desired area and blend lightly with your fingers. Make sure that your concealer has a shade that’s close to your foundation or else it might look like uneven spots in your makeup.

After applying concealer, set your foundation with powder by gentle tapping the powder puff or sponge on your face. You can also add makeup setting sprays as an added layer of protection.

Hope this helps in your perfect foundation application and no more cake faces!

How do you apply Foundation? Which all steps do you follow while applying Foundation?

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