Best Body Lotion for Summers in India: Top 10 For Dry Skin with Prices

Posted on Apr 9 2018 - 4:00am by poonam

Best Body Lotion for Summers

The first I need to change in summers is my skin care regime. I have a super dry skin so I enjoy slathering thick Body butters and lotions on my skin but the same is gonna make me sweat like a pig in summers. But as I can’t completely remove body lotions from my daily routine because otherwise my skin will scream moisture I go for light weight summer lotion that nourishes my skin without feeling heavy or oily. So, today I am listing down some of the best body lotion for summers in India or the best body lotions for dry skin in summers in India.Best Body Lotions For Summers 2018

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Best Body Lotions for Summers in India

1.Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Lotion: INR 195  for 200ml – Buy Here

“Vaseline” is my favorite Body Lotion brand. I have been using Vaseline Body Lotions since my school days so you can guess our relationship has been quite deep. This Aloe Fresh version of the Vaseline body lotion has a very thin consistency which instantly sinks into the skin. If it’s super hot and sweaty but I still need a lotion, this one is perfect. Definitely, the Best Body Lotion for Summers in India.Best Summer Body Lotion-Vaseline Aloe Fresh Body Lotion

2.Dove Go Fresh Body Lotion: INR 140 for 100ml – Buy Here

This Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion is another favorite of mine. It contains the goodness herbal green tea and cucumber extracts and also has menthol which gives a nice cooling sensation on application. The texture is super thin and runny which feels extremely light weight on skin. It gets absorbed fast and keeps skin cool and hydrated and never feels oily. If you are looking for Body Lotion for Dry Skin in Summers then go for this.Best Summer Body Lotion- Dove Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion

3.Parachute Advansed Refresh Body Lotion: INR 125 for 250 ml – Buy Here

 Parachute Advansed Refresh Body Lotion comes with Double sunscreens to give extra protection against the sun. It has light-weight, non-sticky formula which absorbs quickly into the skin. It is enriched with the goodness of natural moisturizers like Glycerin and Coconut milk which locks skins natural moisture and keep it soft and nourished whole day. It has a refreshing minty scent and also give a mild cooling sensation post application thank to menthol in the ingredients list. It is the best moisturizer for dry skin in Summers. Big thumbs up!!Best Summer Body Lotion-Parachute Advansed Refresh Body Lotion

4.Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Body Lotion: INR 135 for 100ml Buy Here

Vaseline has a huge range of body lotions so one was just not enough and I had to list another one from the brand, the Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Body Lotion. Though I dont support the whitening claims made by the brand but it contains SPF 24 so will definitely save my skin from sun damage in summers. The texture is slightly thicker and takes some time to get absorbed but it doesnt feel heavy or sticky on skin. Great if you are looking for Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin with Sun protection.Best Summer Body Lotion- Vaseline Healthy White SPF 24 Body Lotion

5.Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion: INR 225 for 200ml – Buy Here

I absolutely love the signature scent of Nivea Body lotion and their beautiful milky texture. This Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion has advanced UVA/UVB filters to protect skin on the surface from sun exposure. It also contains Vitamin E which nourishes skin and repair damage caused by free radicals. It is also a great body lotion for Summer.Best Summer Body Lotion-Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion

6.Himalaya Herbals Aloe And Cucumber Refreshing Body Lotion:  INR 250 for 400 ml- Buy Here

Himalaya’s Aloe & Cucumber Refreshing Body Lotion is again an Aloe Vera based lotion so it is quite light on skin. It is a mild cooling body lotion that hydrates and refreshes your skin without leaving it sticky. This daily use Summer body lotion is enriched with Aloe Vera and Cucumber, which leave your skin smooth and refreshed.Best Body Lotion For Summers- Himalaya Aloe Body Lotion

7.Lotus Herbals Aloe Soft Daily Body Lotion SPF-20: INR 210 for 250ml Buy Here

Lotus Herbals Aloe Soft Daily Body Lotion has a light, non-greasy formulation. It absorbs easily into skin and protects skin from damage from UV rays.  This daily Summer Body Lotion is loaded with goodness of Aloe & Cucumber which leaves skin smooth, soft & refreshed.Best Body Lotion For Summers- Lotus Herbals Aloe Body Lotion

8. Nivea Aloe Hydration Body Lotion, INR 365 for 400ml Buy Here

Nivea Aloe hydration body lotion is infused with the Nivea deep moisture serum and aloe vera. It absorbs immediately and leaves your skin soothed, refreshed and pleasantly fragranced – after just one application. Apply the lotion daily all over your body no need to wait – you can get dressed in secondsBest Body Lotion For Summers- Nivea Aloe Fresh Body Lotion

9. Joy Pure Aloe Multi Benefit Body Lotion INR 65 for 100ml – Buy Here

Joy Pure Aloe Multi Benefit Body Lotion is enriched with natural moisturizers and skin protecting actives which gives smooth younger skin. It has light, yet creamy texture leaves skin feeling soft, fresh and cared for. It heals and soothes skin and also treats sunburns, skin inflammations, acne and other skin irritations.Best Body Lotion For Summers- Joy Aloe & Cucumber Body Lotion

10. Santoor Light And Rejuvenating Body Lotion INR 215 for 250 ml Buy here

Santoor Light Body Lotion has deep acting natural ingredients that moisturize and soften your skin to restore its moisture balance throughout the day. It contains Sakura and sandalwood extracts. It is light non-greasy, non-sweaty body lotion which hydrates skin from within leaving it smooth and radiant throughout the day.Best Body Lotion For Summers- Santoor Light Body Lotion

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So, these are the body lotions for dry skin that works best in summers and they are affordable and easily available too. If you have used any other body lotion that you feel works in summers, don’t forget to share in comments below!

Have your tried any of these Body Lotions? Which is your favorite Summer Body Lotion?

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  1. Ankita (@lifewithherbals)March 22, 2016 at 1:00 PM - Reply

    Nice suggestions but I mostly skip moisturizing my body as I start sweating a lot after that. 🙂

  2. Shilpa ShettyMarch 23, 2016 at 11:53 AM - Reply

    Currently I’m in love with VLCC Almond Nourishing Body Lotion, it has SPF 15, which is great for summers..

  3. SangeetaApril 9, 2018 at 4:14 PM - Reply

    I love using the Nivea one. It is nourishing without feeling heavy on the skin.

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