Are We Cheating Ourselves of Sleep?

Posted on Nov 19 2018 - 6:50pm by poonam

Are We Cheating Ourselves of Sleep?

Today we all are just running behind our dreams, goals, money etc. etc. Ignoring our health and sleep. We all know and its fact and said by someone great that “Health is wealth”. But we just got that blurred and never give a single thought and first priority to our health and to a comfort level that our body requires. We seriously cheat with our sleep by working hard till late nights and waking up early in the morning to match with our daily tasks.

Yes! Obvious it is mandatory to earn lots of money to fulfil our dreams and to live a life of our ambitions but by ignoring sleep it’s just a bad idea. It is absolutely not that relaxing and giving comfort to the body means sleeping for 10 or 11 hours continuously but yes we can give pleasant 7 to 8 hours to our body to get relax. Sleep is like recharge button to our body that re-energizes the body and makes it strong to fight for next day.Cheating with Sleep

How Many Hours of Sleep Are Required?

People often have these questions like for how much hours should we sleep? Is it okay if we sleep for 4 to 5 hours? How many naps we can take in a day to stay healthy? And many more. The answer to these questions is quite simple, there are no specific hours of sleep that one should have, and it varies from person to person. Instead of counting hours of sleep, one should check the quality of sleep that how peaceful and deep sleep is. Your sleep quality depends on the REM cycle and the duration of the REM cycle.

REM Cycle and Its Role:

REM cycle is an abbreviation for Rapid Eye Movement cycle which determines the quality of sleep. REM cycle begins within a half an hour of when we fall asleep. First REM cycle lasts for 10 minutes and when this cycle starts there is a slight increase in pulse rate and heartbeat. REM cycle keeps on repeating and gradually increases from 10 minutes to 20 minutes and then the last cycle goes up to one hour. During the last cycle person dreams more strongly and pulse and heart rates are at a higher level and it is believed that dreams are remembered by the brain of the last REM cycle. So REM cycle decides how peaceful and deep sleep is of an individual.

We just saw that how much sleep is of important and we cheat with it and in return we lose up on our health. Excluding REM cycle there are many more parameters on which quality of sleep depends on like mattress we use, bed frames we have, smoothness of mattress, environment temperature etc. But what should be taken into more consideration is the quality of mattress and bed frames as it plays the majority part. People often get confused with the quality of mattress and things that should be checked while selecting a mattress. I would strongly recommend Nectar mattress as I had used it personally and had a great Experience.

What Exactly Nectar Mattress Is?

Nectar mattresses are made up with premium quality memory foam with ultimate 5 layer technology which gives the best relaxation to the body. Nectar mattress remains cool with the help of Tencel cover i.e. First layer by continuously circulating air and wick. Mattress contours body weight equally with the help of the second layer i.e. Memory gel foam. The best feature of Nectar mattress is it gives you 365-nights home trials which are never happened ever in the industry. Addition to it, it has temperature regulating capability and made with great care ensuring smooth cover which protects from dust mite. Nectar mattress is best for pampering the body and giving ultimate relaxation to it.

Nectar mattress is awesome when used with Nectar adjustable bed frames with fully loaded technology. It has key features like TV recline setting, wireless remote, hand up and foot up, three-zone massage, zero gravity setting and many more. In this, one can have a great relaxing massage while reading a book or sitting or having tea. This also has the same warranty of 365-nights home trials which makes it best selling.


So here far we discussed sleep, how much it is important to us. We must not ignore our sleep as it reflects on our sleep and work that we do. So sleep well, eat well and stay fit. Never cheat with sleep or else it will cheat with your health.


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