7 Spices for Weight Loss

Posted on Mar 19 2018 - 10:00am by poonam

7 Spices for Weight loss

We are always looking out for ways to blast off those extra kilos, however, we stick to diet plans that are bland, our idea of the perfect diet is having chicken/fish with salad or brown rice, and we get bored of having the same food everyday! Studies show that when your food does not taste good, you will less likely stick to a diet, no matter how dedicated you are! The result- WE QUIT!!

What if we could add a twist to our boring diet by adding some kitchen spices which not only make food taste yum but also aid to weight loss! Spices are the best way to add flavor to your food while not piling up on excess calories, sodium, sugar or any form of junk! Also, some spices are great for boosting up your metabolism and will help burn fat quicker as well. So, lets see what are all these Seven Spices for Weight lossBest Spices for Weight loss

Before we talk about the 7 spices for weight loss, let me give you a few tips that you can actually make use of in your everyday life, to help lose weight;

Tips to Lose Weight:

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Consume eggs for breakfast
  3. Use coconut oil while cooking
  4. Consume Green Tea
  5. Have a glass of warm water in concoction with honey and lemon
  6. Have Apple Cider Vinegar to get rid of excess fat
  7. Cut down on sugar
  8. Workout or Just take a walk for a minimum of 30 minutes everyday

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Spices that Aid Weight Loss:

  1. Turmeric: One of the best spices that is easily accessible across the world. It adds a hint of yellow color to the food and is a great way to lower the fat absorption levels in your body! Studies have shown that, the presence of cumin (an active component in turmeric) is one of the best ways to reduce the growth of fat tissues! Also, turmeric helps boost metabolism by increasing the body heat!Spices for Weight loss - Turmeric
  2. Cinnamon: A spice that has multiple benefits for skin, body and overall health! Cinnamon digests the carbohydrates in your body by producing insulin! It helps maintain the cholesterol levels in the body and is a great addition to low calorie foods! When you add spices to your food, you will end up eating less than you normally would, which is another great way to get rid of those extra kilos!Spices for Weight loss - Cinnamon
  3. Ginger: Again, a spice that I have probably talked about in my previous posts and can still not stop raving about all the good things it does! It is a great way to boost your metabolism and helps in effective digestion, which is one of the major reasons, which aid to weight loss! You only need about a tea spoon of ginger to reap maximum benefits!Spices for Weight loss - Ginger
  4. Black Pepper: Again a spice, that helps push your metabolic rate sky high! It contains a component known as piperine, which stimulates the central nervous system, which is the reason behind boosting metabolism rates! Try to make use of freshly ground pepper as it contains the highest amount of piperine for best weight loss results!Spices for Weight loss - Black Pepper
  5. Cayenne (Chili Pepper): Studies suggest that people who consume a tea spoon of chili pepper have seen about 25% increase in their metabolism levels! It is the spicy nature of cayenne which helps in losing weight because when the food is hot, you will consume more water and less food, which will cause you to feel fuller soon.Spices for Weight loss - Cayenne
  6. Mango Steen: Mango Steen is quite a popular spice in India, which is also known as Garcinia, Brindell Berries and Vrikshamla! It prevents the excessive storage of fats in the body and also suppresses the appetite!Spices for Weight loss - Mango Steen
  7. Mustard: Mustard helps burn fat and is a great way to boost the metabolism! As said earlier about cayenne, studies have confirmed that people also consumed a tea spoon of mustard alongside cayenne, hence the 25% increase in metabolic rate! One of the major components of mustard is selenium which helps regulate the blood sugar levels in the body and helps lose weight effectively!Spices for Weight loss - brown-mustard

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One of the major problems of dieting is that it does not grant you long term results! Dieting only causes you to gain more weight over time, so try eating everything you like but in small amounts! Go for potion control and work out every day, it will surely help shed off those kilos while still keeping you feeling and looking healthy! You could make use of the 7 spices for weight loss for adding flavor to you meals! So, spice up your life and get fit.

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Which of these Spices are you planning to add to your diet for Weight loss?

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