7 Secrets to Keep your Hair Beautiful, Shiny and Radiant

Posted on Jun 28 2018 - 8:00am by poonam

7 Secrets to Keep your Hair Beautiful, Shiny and Radiant

Hair is one of the essential elements in a human body. Therefore, you should do whatever you can to keep it beautiful, shiny, and radiant at all times so that you can enjoy that youthful appearance you once had.

The bad news – With time, hair starts to deteriorate by thinning. It loses its elasticity and volume as you age. By the time you see your first grey hair, most of the damage will be done by some choices you made, not the ageing processes. Hormonal imbalances, reduced blood flow to the scalp, declining cellular reproduction, loss of melanin, and lack of elasticity does not cause more hair damage than your poor dieting and applications of dangerous products.Secrets to Keep your Hair Beautiful Tips

These seven secrets will make your hair remain beautiful, shiny and radiant now and in years to come;

 1. Do not over wash

Water is a great enemy to your hair. Clean it after every 2 to 3 days. Excessive contact of hair and water always leads to depletion of essential hair oils. This will make your hair look dry and brittle.

When washing your face, make sure that your hair does not come into contact with water. Don’t be lured to believe that regular cleaning of the hair is a sign of hygiene. No! Wash it once in a while, and you will always have the shiniest hair that everyone will envy.

Do not forget to use the best shaving cream for men when trimming your beard. It is the best product that will ensure your face complements your beautiful hair!

 2. Do not brush when wet

Water makes your hair to swell and frizzle. Do not brush when wet. Follow this rule even if your hairdresser gets offended. It is better to wait for those extra minutes for your hair to dry entirely than to destroy it. Keep off from plastic combs because they are known to increase hair breakages due to static. Wooden or ceramic will do.

 3. Minimize those heat styling sessions

Avoid blow drying your hair unless it is indispensable. When blow drying, skip the curling session. It is advisable to let your hair dry completely and naturally then you can do curling the following day. Do not rush your hair because correcting damage can take weeks. You can consider investing in heat styling products that are friendlier to your hair like Ceramic Curling Iron.

  4. Check your diet

Whether you are on a diet, or have an eating disorder, what you consume determines the appearance and health of your hair. Let your diet be complete with fatty acids, greens, proteins, and nuts. Remember if your body is low on essential nutrients, it will prioritize the little there is to more vital organs, and your hair will end up getting nothing at all. That is the reason why the first sign of poor dieting first appears on the hair.

  5. Use thickening products

There are many good thickening products out there which can make your hair appear thicker and healthier. They are designed to increase the volume of hair by incorporating moisture and invisible foam.

Waves can also make your hair look thick. Before buying these products, understand their chemical ingredients and know if they have any detrimental side effect to your hair. Choose your hairstyle carefully if you want to appear fashionable and stylish. Whichever method you chose, do not overdo it otherwise you will look weird.

 6. Cleanse your scalp weekly

A healthy scalp will ensure you have healthy hair. Since a majority of chemicals you use to treat your hair leaves residues, you can imagine the thickness of the layer of this accumulated sludge within a month. Ensure you cleanse your scalp thoroughly to necessitate good air circulation. Good air circulation promotes good blood supply to your hair follicles leading to healthy hair

 7. Manage or avoid stress

High and persistence levels of stress can damage almost every system of your body. In hair, toxic products are not removed on time, and these lead to weak, unhealthy hair. Since there is nothing much you can do to change your ‘stress drivers,’ at least learn to manage it through counselling, meditation or Yoga. A serene life will guarantee healthy and attractive hair.

How to keep hair beautiful - Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to have beautiful, healthy and radiant hair. However, this is not usually the case because our hair undergoes a lot of harsh treatments every day. Some of the chemicals we use to improve our its appearance may also cause the damage. Taking good care

Of your hair is the best decision you can make if you mind about your appearance. Best of luck!

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