7 Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Posted on Mar 6 2018 - 8:10am by poonam

7 Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss

We all aspire to be in the best shape possible, we are always on the hunt for remedies that will grant you effective weight loss results, but you find your body rebelling against you? Does the idea of making healthy lifestyle changes shoot your stress levels sky high? If you have been using conventional methods of weight loss like dieting and exercising, still doing no good to your body! It’s time you make a switch to an all natural method which involves making use of essential oils for weight loss. So, if you are still figuring out how to lose weight.. here is a list of essentials oils that will come handy!

How to lose weight using Essential Oils

How Essential Oils help with Weight Loss?

Essential oils affect your mood levels, and can energize your or calm you down. This is great when people undergo physiological changes during their weight loss journey, which includes binge eating, fatigue, consumption of junk food, lethargy or decrease in motivation! Increasing your motivation levels and energy will help you keep up with your workouts and helps feel overwhelmed with your weight loss journey! Essential oils are great for speeding up the metabolic rate, healthy digestion and boosting up your energy!

So let’s take a quick look at the 7 essential oils for weight loss

Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss:

  1. Lemon Essential Oil: Lemons are great for helping you lose weight as they dissolve the excess body fat, suppress your appetite and keep your weight under check. The rind of lemon (or any other citrus fruits) consists of high levels of limonene which helps break down the white adipose tissues that stores fats in your body.

              How to Use:

To lose weight, you need to make use of 1/4th cup of almond oil in concoction with about 7 drops of lemon essential oil and 7 drops of grapefruit essential oil and massage it in your problem areas! Do this every day along with working out!Best Essential Oils for weight loss - Lemon Oil

  1. Grapefruit Essential Oil: A citrus fruit yet again which proves magical for losing weight! It is great for curbing out craving, boosts up the metabolism, reduces the accumulation of fat in the abdomen and enhances endurance and energy levels.

               How to Use:

You could use grapefruit oil for massaging by adding a few drops of it in your regular lotions or body massage oils to reap maximum weight loss benefits!

It helps in detoxification if you consume it with a glass of water every morning.Best Essential Oils for weight loss - Grapefruit essential Oil

  1. Cinnamon Essential Oil: This oil has a very sweet yet mild fragrance, and is great for extra weight from the body! It helps reduce inflammation, regulates the blood sugar levels in the body and improves the sensitivity of insulin. Insulin helps metabolize carbohydrates and fat by absorbing blood glucose either by converting it into energy or storing it in the form of fats. Cinnamon essential oil has the tendency to inhibit production of fat molecules, which in turn prevents any form of weight gain.

              How to Use:

Add a drop or two of cinnamon essential oil to your weight loss concoctions or dilute it in internal or culinary preparations.Best Essential Oils for weight loss - Cinnamon Essential Oil

  1. Fennel Essential Oil: Infused with melatonin, fennel helps prevent weight gain by creating beige fat (that burns as energy) instead of creating white fat (which is stored for energy). In the middle age, fennel seeds were consumed on days people would hold fasts. It is a great appetite suppresser; helps sleep better, reduces the chances of piling on weight and enhances digestion.

               How to Use:

You can use fennel essential oil alongside your weight loss plans or add a few drops to green tea for great weight loss benefits.Best Essential Oils for weight loss - Fennel Essential Oil

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil: This essential is a mild stimulator, which over time helps enhance your endurance and athletic performance. You need to take baby steps, and you will surely reach the goal you have always aimed for. Inhalation of peppermint or adding it to your meals is great for relaxation as well as reducing calorie intake!

              How to Use:

To use peppermint essential oil, add about two drops of it to a glass of water and consume everyday on an empty stomach.

Also, you can use it to massage the areas with excess fat by mixing a few drops of this oil with other oils (i.e. olive oil or coconut oil) for thirty minutes every day to get desired results.Best Essential Oils for weight loss - Peppermint Essential Oil

  1. Cardamom Essential Oil: Cardamom essential oil is ideal for treating stomach irregularities and ulcers. It controls your body weight by keeping a check on what you eat, because what you eat is important to keep your gut healthy!

              How to Use:

It can be consumed in the form of capsules or you could add a few drops to your weight loss concoctions each time you consume them!Best Essential Oils for weight loss - Cardamom Essential Oil

  1. Bergamot Essential Oil:  On days when you feel less motivated, Bergamot essential oil comes to your rescue. It has floral/citrusy notes to it, which relax your senses and enhance your energy levels. You will notice that you are less likely to miss your workouts and emotional eating will be thing of the past.

              How to Use:

Add about six drops of bergamot essential oils to other carrier oils like almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil and massage it over your problem areas for at least 30 minutes every day to get the maximum results. This kind of aromatherapy treatment helps in your weightloss the natural way.

Add bergamot essential oil to your bath water, not only does it uplift your senses and make you feel calm. It goes deep into the skin pores and relaxes your muscles.Best Essential Oils for weight loss - Bergamot Essential Oil

Don’t Miss to Checkout:

Losing weight can be pretty difficult, as you cannot ward off all those extra kilos quickly as it took you sometime to pile all that on and you will take just as much time to lose it all! Working out and dieting will help you to an extent but will not offer permanent results and you need to make it a habit to continue staying in the shape that you are in! It may be the contrary for essential oils, as they are great for the promotion of physical as well as emotional health and will help you shed off those excess kilos efficiently and pretty quickly as well.

Which of the 7 Best Essential Oils For Weight Loss would you love to try?

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