6 Organic Tips to Beat those Unwanted Stretch Marks

Posted on Jan 12 2019 - 8:30am by poonam

6 Organic Tips to Beat those Unwanted Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are unwanted visitors that always overstay their welcome. Fear not, we’re here to help you get them out. Despite what you may think, stretch marks are super common, and they’re not always caused by sudden weight gain or loss. They can be brought on by hormonal changes, genetic factors or even stress.


Stressing about stretch marks? We can help. Check out our 6 organic remedies to help keep those unwanted stretch marks at bay, and prevent new ones from cropping up!


Yep, you hear this word a lot when it comes to all things beauty, and it can work wonders with stretch marks too! Collagen is a structural protein that helps increase skin elasticity and boost hydration levels, two key factors for fading and preventing stretch marks.

Your collagen levels naturally decrease as you age, so give your body a helpful boost by taking daily collagen supplements or adding some collagen powder to your meals.

Vitamin C

Speaking of collagen, Vitamin C promotes the development of it, which is essential for firm, taut and supple skin. Since collagen plays such a vital role in keeping your skin strong and elastic, make Vitamin C a vital part of your daily intake. You can find it in  citrus, leafy greens, and yellow and orange veggies, or supplements!

Zinc and Vitamin A

More vitamins for the win! Zinc and Vitamin A are the perfect duo to keep your skin healthy and looking its best. They strengthen the skin’s barrier function and prevent dehydration. Hydrated skin is vital for preventing stretch marks from rearing their ugly heads, so make sure you’re hydrated from the inside-out.

Moisturize with Oils and Butters

When it comes to keeping your skin hydrated from the outside, organic oils and lotions are a wonderful way to do so. Layer your skin with your favorite natural potions and enjoy your silky, moisturized skin. Some of the best ingredients for combatting stretch marks are shea butter, Vitamin E and coconut oil! This especially applies to pregnant ladies — oil up that bump every day to keep your belly stretch-mark free!


A good scrub in the shower is a hands-on way to banish those stretch marks. Exfoliation removes old skin cells, and along with them, some of those stretch marks. Plus, exfoliating with a grainy natural scrub or dry brushing before bathing can help get your blood flowing, which in turn promotes collagen production. Are you noticing a common denominator yet?


We’re not going to preach about all of the wonderful benefits of exercise, but it does work wonders for stretch marks. A good workout can get your blood flowing, and yes, increase collagen production! Plus, it increases circulation which helps your skin regenerate, and in turn, fade those unwanted stretch marks.

Stretch marks be gone! Now you’ve got the natural tools you need to combat them– just work these tips into your daily routine and watch them fade away!

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