5 Equipment Essentials You Need to Work Out at Home

Posted on Jul 26 2018 - 5:56pm by poonam

5 Equipment Essentials You Need to Work Out at Home

Working out is great for your health and looks. If you plan to get a summer body or just want to get toned, working out at home is the perfect choice. First, you will not have to spend a lot of money on a monthly pass at the gym. Also, you can exercise without the feeling that other people are staring at you. But, the biggest advantage is that you can exercise at any time of the day or night.

What type of workout you choose is up to you. In this article we are going to show you 5 equipment essentials that will allow you to do almost any type of workout in the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in very popular and highly effective workouts, then the p90X workout is for you. We recommend this related article on p90X3 schedule , a workout that promises to get you ripped in just 30 minutes per day.

Equipment for working out At Home

However, in order to own this workout in the comfort of your living room, you will need to buy a couple of accessories, let’s see what you need to purchase to make your own at-home gym.

1.    Yoga Mat

This is the most important fitness essential to buy for your training. While most people exercise on a rug or the floor, the approach is not such a great idea. A yoga mat is made of special materials that absorb sweat. Also, they don’t slip like most rugs do.

Before you purchase the mat, though, make sure that it is long enough especially if you are a tall person. Also, check the fabric of the yoga mat you plan to buy. The materials should be resistant and durable so that the mat doesn’t wear out after just a few sessions.

2.    Resistance Bands

These are cheap and do wonders for your body. You can use them to tone your muscles and sculpt your whole body. From top to bottom, resistance bands can be used without any instructions. Unlike complicated gym equipment, resistance bands are simple to use by any beginner.

One of the best things about these fitness essentials is that you can create your own workout plan and see what is best for you. The bands need to be long enough and very resistant. Since you are going to use them to tone your body, they need to sustain part of your weight without easily breaking.

3.    Kettlebell

This is another small but essential piece of equipment you can use for your home workouts. You can perform many exercises with a kettlebell. However, it is better to start with a light kettlebell and gradually get heavier ones when you get used to them.

Some of the best exercises involving a kettlebell are deadlifts, presses, and squats. A kettlebell can help you sculpt all your body. However, you need to be careful when using one, especially if it is heavy. With a little attention and coordination, you will be able to do squats with a 20 lb. kettlebell in no time.

4.    Dumbbells

Before starting, you should also make sure that you have 2 pairs of dumbbells. The first pair should be lightweight in order to use it for cardio and hand exercises. However, if you want to train your arms while sitting, you can try out the heavier dumbbells. The heavy ones are best at sculpting your muscles while the smaller ones are great for losing weight and toning your body.

5.    Jump Rope

If you want to add some easy cardio exercises to your workout routine a jump rope is the best piece of equipment. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space and is easy to use. While it might not offer you the many exercise opportunities of a pair of dumbbells, jump ropes are ideal for a full cardio workout. You can even spice things up by turning the rope as you jump.

Doing cardio with a jump rope is the best exercise for your body because it works all your muscles while raising your heart rate to ensure that you lose weight. Always be careful when using a jump rope to avoid tripping. It is best to use it on a yoga mat if the floor is slippery.

As you can see, small gym in your own home doesn’t have to take too much space. Also, all these pieces of equipment are budget-friendly and can be used by most beginners because they are simple to use. If you are one, just be extra careful when exercising to avoid injuries.

Do you Workout at Home? Which is your favorite equipment to workout?

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