5 Common Myths about Frozen Food

Posted on Aug 25 2017 - 9:00am by poonam

5 Common Myths about Frozen Food

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “ Frozen Food” … .. “Unhealthy”, “Preservative”, “less nutritious” “Not good for health”.. well, if something like this pops into your head then you must read on because I used to believe in the same and presumed Frozen food as unhealthy only but the mind blogging facts actually helped me busting the myths around Frozen Food. And gave me some insight about what actually the frozen food is !!Common Myths Around Frozen Food

5 Common Myths about Frozen Food

  1. Frozen Food is Loaded with Preservatives

MYTH: It’s a myth because frozen foods don’t require any added preservatives at all. Frozen food is usually kept at temperatures below 0°F and no bacteria can grow at that temperature, they become inactive. So, frozen food is as good as the normal food and is safe to consume without playing with your health.frozen-food is preservative free

  1. Frozen Food is Devoid of Nutrition

MYTH: It’s a myth because the food is blast frozen when it’s ready to consume and hence no nutrition loss takes place as there is no processing. Frozen food actually keeps all the nutrients intact as it is in the Fresh state. While buying food from a Supermarket, it can be a case that the frozen food is more nutritious than the fresh food. Because the fresh food might be lying in their stock for days which can be partially degraded and hence loss of nutrients but the frozen food is kept the required temperatures keeping the nutrients intact.Frozen food is as nutritious as fresh salad

  1. Frozen Food is Highly Processed

MYTH: Don’t get confused between processed food and Frozen Food.  Processed food go through a number of processes and is loaded with salts to preserve it for a longer duration. Processed food is actually harmful to your health because of its high Sodium content. But Frozen food doesn’t need any preservatives at all. It is just flash froze and is ready to eat whenever the hunger strikes. Just store the food properly in the desired temperature range to avoid any bacterial growth on the food.Frozen Food is not processed

  1. Frozen Food is expensive

MYTH: It is a notion that frozen food will be pricier than the fresh produce but actually frozen food doesn’t have to be costlier at all. And sometimes it is even cheaper than the prepackaged convenience food. For example, Off-season fruits and vegetable comes with a hefty price tag but if you go with the frozen option you can save a lot. Also, if you are too lazy to cook at times than frozen food is great option to save the hard earned money from an unnecessary restaurant bill.Frozen Food remains fresh for longer

  1. Frozen Food is dangerous

MYTH: Frozen food is absolutely safe to consume if it has been kept in the required temperature zones. The process with which food is frozen, flash freezing actually reduces the activity of any harmful bacteria and if stored correctly you don’t need to worry about anything.Frozen food isnt dangerous and safe to consume

Myth Vs Facts: Why frozen food is good for you?Is frozen food good for you

So, these are the reasons why frozen food is actually good for you. Also, you can reduce the food wastage with frozen food as fresh fruits and veggies degrade after some time but frozen food can be stored for a much longer duration and we don’t have to throw them out every other day!

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What are your thoughts on frozen food now? Are you willing to try it?

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