15 Best Rangoli Designs for Beginners: Simple and Easy

Posted on Oct 28 2016 - 6:00pm by poonam

15 Best Rangoli Designs for Beginners

My favorite Festival of the Year is Here, “Diwali“. And out of the million reasons behind my love for festivals, Rangoli is one of them. Making Rangoli is an art and it takes a little practice and a lot of patience to come up with a beautiful rangoli. There are gazillion of Rangoli Designs to choose from but if you are drawing rangoli for the first time, I have compiled, Best Rangoli Designs for Beginners which are Simple and easy to create but still looks beautiful. You an also check Best Ganapati rangoli Designs for Diwali for Inspiration.

In my home, the only responsibility I’m given is Rangoli and so I’m always very excited about it. I always look up new and easy designs, so I don’t end up spending hours on it but still it looks like I did.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners

So today I’m going to put together some of my favorite simple and easy Rangoli designs divided into different categories that you can try this Diwali.

15 Best Rangoli Designs for Beginners: Simple and Easy

Easiest of all Rangoli

  • A simple Rangoli design which everyone will love. You can draw the edges with a chalk and then fill it in with colors. These are the Best small rangoli designs for home which are easy and perfect for beginners.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-simple-rangoli-designbest-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-small-rangoli-designs
  • Another easy rangoli for you to try, just crave out the edges with a chalk and get filling. For a cleaner look you can draw the edges with white color to finish it off.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-small-rangoli-designs-for-diwali

Flower designs Rangoli

If you want to play safe, go forthese classical rangoli design of Flowers. Flower rangoli designs look beautiful at the  entrance and even in the pooja room. Use flower petals and diyas to decorate them. Here are Some Small & Easy Floral Rangoli Designs & Pictures for House

  1. This simple rangoli design will not take a lot of time but still look great at your front door. The design is easy and you’ll easily be able to try it out on your own.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-small-floral-rangoli-designs-for-homes
  1. A little different from others, perfect choice if you don’t have much experience drawing a rangoli, make this one over a base of different colors and decorate it with a diya.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-flower-easy-designbest-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-easy-rangoli-designs-for-entrace
  1. Start out by spreading different colors using a sieve and then carve out the design with white color to finish it off.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-latest-diwali-rangoli-design-with-flowersbest-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-simple-and-easy-rangoli-designs
  1. If you want to do something different or you’re not so good at Rangoli, you can instead use flowers and create a beautiful design like so.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-simple-and-easy-rangoli-designs

Geometrical Shaped Rangoli

  1. If you have some time on your hand, you can try out this beautiful design and then decorate it with diyas.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-simple-rangoli-design-foe-diwali

2. Create this beautiful rangoli which will end up being the center of attraction. Draw the edges first with a chalk and then fill in different bright colors.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-simple-colorful-rangoli-design-for-diwali

3. Another great option for you to try, this design is extremely easy to make plus will look beautiful on your front porch. Try this out this Diwali and decorate it with small diyas.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-small-flower-rangoli-design-pattern-2016 best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-easy-rangoli-patterns-for-diwalibest-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-simple-rangoli-designs-for-diwalibest-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-easy-rangoli-design-for-diwali
Ganesha Rangoli

These are One of the most popular rangoli designs for Diwali . These are fairly easy to draw if you draw the shape with pencil onthe floor. Here are few Small Ganesha Rangoli Patterns for Diwali at Home for beginners to try out. Add diyas to further enahnce the beauty fo rangoli

  1. If you wish to make a Ganesh rangoli, this is a great option to try out. It’s simple and looks extremely creative.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-best-small-ganesha-rangoli-pictures-for-beginnersbest-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-simple-ganpati-rangoli-designs-pictures
  1. If you want to get even creative with the Ganesha rangoli, this is the one you should try. You can choose brighter colors instead.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-easy-ganpati-rangoli-designs-picturesbest-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-simple-rangoli-designs-for-pooja-ghar

Peacock Rangoli

Another most popular rangoli design after Ganapati is Peacock. Peacock rangoli bring vibrancy to the look as they involve lots of bright colors. Sharing some small & Easy Peacock Rangoli Designs for Beginners.

1.This beautiful peacock rangoli is not a very difficult one to make but once you’ll be done it’ll look like you spent hours on it.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-easy-peacock-rangoli-design-for-home

2. Dont Want to work much on the shape of the peacock, this this simple peacock design will be an easy one for you to draw


3. If you think you’re good at freehand rangoli designs, this is the perfect one to try this Diwali. Fill it in with bright colors and finish it off with a diya.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-best-small-peacock-rangoli-design-for-home

4. Probably one of my favorites, this is a beautiful rangoli which is not only easy to make but will definitely catch everyone’s eye as well.best-rangoli-designs-for-beginners-simple-peacock-rangoli-design-for-diwali

These are some of the Best Small Rangoli Designs for Beginners on Diwali. I will be picking on of these this year as I wont be able to go for an elaborate design. I would love to see what you are going to draw… so dont forget to share… 🙂 “Happy Diwali”

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How do you plan to celebrate diwali this year? Which rangoli design you will be making?

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