15 Best Karwa Chauth Mehendi Designs for Hands

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15 Best Karwa Chauth Mehendi Designs

To all you pretty ladies out there; Karwa Chauth is around the corner, an occasion where you get to deck up like a beautiful bride all over again! This festival is my personal favorite because it brings out the beauty of marriage, the purest of all forms, where women fast through the day just for their husbands long life. Very cute, isn’t it?

This occasion is even more special for newly wedded women, who dress themselves up no less than brides!  Ladies try to look their ethnic best from top to toe on this day, from jewelry to makeup to outfits! Then why should those hands and feet be left behind? So, stalk your favorite mehendi designers or book a famous one, whatever you prefer and deck those hands and feet up in beautiful henna!Best Karwa Chauth mehendi designs

Any occasion is incomplete without that perfect mehendi design that smells heavenly when applied, is crisp while it dries, and looks amazing when it is taken off! If you are confused about the kind of style to choose, let me save you from the last minute rush, with these 15 Best Karwa Chauth mehendi designs.

15 Best Karwa Chauth mehendi designs:

  1. Indian Mehendi Designs: The concept of Indian designs revolves around pretty flowers, paisleys and peacocks! These designs are pretty complex, and take up a lot of time. But the end result, is totally worth the effort!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-indian-mehendi-design-415-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-indian-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-indian-mehendi-designs-215-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-indian-mehendi-design-315-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-trending-indian-mehendi-design
  2. Arabic Mehendi Designs: Arabic Designs are opaque and close-knit and consists of outlines of vines, flowers and leaves.  It is not intricately done like Indian designs, and puts more light on the density of embellished outlines that fractionally cover your hands and feet.  They do not take up much time and they dry up soon as well.15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-arabic-mehendi-design15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-arabic-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-arabic-mehendi-designs-315-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-arabic-mehendi-designs-2
  3. Pakistani Style Mehendi Designs: These designs are a mix of Indian and Arabic! Also known as Indo-Arabic Henna, where the outlines are Arabic and the inside is filled with beautiful Indian details! These look super beautiful when done on your hands and feet!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-pakistani-mehendi-design-2 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-pakistani-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-pakistani-mehendi-design-2
  4. Floral Henna Designs: As the name suggests, these designs are all about flowers, and you can never go wrong with flowers!! Also, if you opt for a minimal design, it will look really pretty! These designs have a very eastern vibe to them, these designs vary from simple and elegant to elaborate and complicated ones, it is for you to choose what you like?15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-floral-heena-designs-315-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-floral-heena-designs-215-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-floral-heena-designs
  5. Ornamental Mehendi Designs: Why do you need ornaments, when you can tattoo henna to replicate the look of your bangles or a bracelet or maybe your finger ring? Yes, these designs make your arms and feet look really nice!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-ornamental-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-ornamental-mehendi-designs-3 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-ornamental-mehendi-designs-2
  6. Marwari Mehendi Designs: These are also known as Rajasthani Designs, which showcase the Rajasthani culture with folk dance, art forms and innovation! They are a true reflection of the Indian tradition and these designs are ideal for new brides! They comprise of peacocks, leaves, motifs and complex lines!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-trending-marwari-mehendi-design-3 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-marwari-bridal-mehendi-design-315-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-marwari-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-marwari-mehendi-design-for-eid15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-marwari-mehendi-design-3 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-marwari-mehendi-design-2
  7. Mehendi Designs with Glitter: These designs are in vogue these days, where henna artists are making use of glitter to henna designs just to make the designs look even prettier, your better half will just not be able to keep his eyes off your hands when you deck your mehendi up with glitter! Glitter and shine all the way!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-glittery-mehendi-designs-315-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-glittery-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-glitter-mehendi-design-415-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-glittery-mehendi-designs-2
  8. Color Mehendi Designs:  Mehendi artists are making use of different colors to draw mehendi on your arms and feet. Fun isn’t it? Now you can have mehendi on, just as you like it! This is the current rage amongst women!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-colorful-mehendi-design-3 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-colored-mehendi-design 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-colored-mehendi-designs-315-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-colored-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-colored-mehendi-designs-2
  9. Punjabi Henna Designs: Punjabi Mehendi Designs comprise of motifs and dark colored mehendi. You can make your hands look even prettier by adding a dash of nail paint just to add to the overall appeal!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-punjabi-mehendi-designs-215-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-punjabi-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-punjabi-mehendi-designs-3
  10. Gujarati Mehendi Designs: These designs vary and can be done according to a person’s liking! It can be simple and does not have a cluttered look to it; you can use black mehendi to make the design appear more prominent!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-gujrati-mehendi-designs-315-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-gujrati-mehendi-designs-215-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-gujrati-mehendi-designs
  11. Dots and Chain Henna: This kind of mehendi pattern looks great on any outfit as it dupes the look of stone fitted jewelry on your hands! 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-dots-and-chains-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-dots-and-chains-mehendi-designs-215-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-dots-and-chains-mehendi-designs-3
  12. Bridal Mehendi Designs: This design is ideal for newlywed women, who want to look as good as they did on their wedding day!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-bridal-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-bridal-mehendi-design-415-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-bridal-mehendi-designs-215-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-bridal-mehendi-designs-3
  13. Moroccan Mehendi Designs: These designs are inspired from the Middle East, and consist of geometric, asymmetrical patterns that cover your palm and the back of your hands! These designs look really smart, and go with any kind of outfit! 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-moroccon-mehendi-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-moroccon-mehendi-designs-315-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-moroccon-mehendi-design-2
  14. Mughalai Henna: These designs are super neat and every detail can be seen! They accentuate every dot and curl used in the design, this is probably the oldest henna style mentioned here! 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-mughlai-heena-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-trending-mughlai-mehendi-design15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-mughlai-mehendi-design-3
  15. Multi colored Stones Mehendi designs: Use different colors on your mehendi and look like a fashionista this karwa chauth. These designs can be done on any part of the body, they are visually appealing and adding small stones and glitter will make the design look amazing!15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-arabic-stones-mehendi-design 15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-colorful-stones-heena-designs15-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-colorful-stones-heena-designs-315-best-karwa-chauth-mehendi-designs-colorful-stones-heena-designs-2

So, ladies, are you all set to dazzle your husband with rich designs, aromatic henna fragrance and deep color this Karwa Chauth?! Try these trending and latest mehendi designs for hands this karwa chauth.

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Choose from the 15 Best Karwa Chauth Mehendi Designs and deck yourself up in a way that your husband cannot take his eyes off you, after all, you need to outstrip that moon!

Mehendi is no longer just for brides, and has become a very important part of the Indian culture, so have fun with it!

Have a happy Karwa Chauth! 🙂

Which style you liked the most from these Trending Heena Designs for Karwa chauth?

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