10 Lifestyle Habits You Need to Change to Prevent Gas and Bloating

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Lifestyle Habits You Need to Change to Prevent Gas

Gas is a natural process of your digestive process; however, your lifestyle contributes a lot to how much gas is produced out of your body and how you can find relief from it.  A lot of foods including vegetables, whole grains, and fruits are producers of excessive gas in the body which leads to stomach bloating, which again is not a very comfortable situation to be in. So, today I will be sharing reasons for bloated stomach and How to prevent Gas or How to Reduce stomach Bloating by simple Lifestyle changes.

Some of the common factors that contribute to gas and bloating include;

Reasons for Bloated Stomach:

  • Obesity or Being overweight,
  • Smoking and
  • chewing gum excessively.

Making healthy lifestyle changes will not only help control gas but will also make you feel healthy overall. So, let me talk you through 10 lifestyle habits you need to change to prevent gas and bloating.lifestyle Changes to prevent gas and bloating

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Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Gas and Bloating:

  1. Fibers shall be introduced slowly: If you are planning on introducing fibers into your diet, or you are planning to increase the amount you intake, take baby steps as your body needs to adapt to the changes you make in the diet. When fibers are taken in excess, the digestive system takes the time to break it down and results in gas. Gradually increase the number of fibers you consume and that will help break them down and make digestion smooth, thus preventing gas which results in a bloated stomach.lifestyle Changes to prevent gas and bloating- Eat More Fibers
  2. Relish your food: When you are eating, try to cut down on the amount of air you inhale, as it results in gas/bloating. You could prevent doing this by talking less and taking more time to chew your food. Relaxing while eating is a great way to enjoy your meals while also keeping gases at bay.lifestyle Changes to prevent gas and bloating- Relish your foods
  3. Sipping is awesome: It’s a good idea to avoid chewing gum or candies as it can worsen your condition. This is because you tend to swallow more air, creating a lot for your body to expel. Avoid drinking from bottles or straws as well, and make use of a glass as much as possible. Sip your way to keep gas away.lifestyle Changes to prevent gas and bloating-Sipping
  4. Sorbitol is bad: Not just candies or gums but anything that comprises of sorbitols i.e. artificial sweeteners can cause excess gas in your body! One of the reasons is because they are fermented with bacteria and gases are a result of fermentation. Cold medications may also not be the best options to go for if you suffer from gas and bloating!   Also Read : Why You Should Start Drinking Green TeaHabits to prevent gas and bloating- Avoids Sorbitol
  5. Don’t sleep right after you eat: One of the major contributors to gas is lying down/sleeping/reclining after you’re done eating, as it makes digesting foods a challenge. Instead, try to sit upright or standing so gases don’t bother you all night!lifestyle Habits to prevent gas and bloating-Dont Sleep After you Eat
  6. Walk away: Undoubtedly walking is the best thing you can do to your body. Not only does it keep you fit and active but also is a great way to help keep gas at bay. Walking or just mild exercise will help the digestive tract to easily pass gas and cut down on the production of gases in the body. Hence, no bloating!How to Stop Bloating - Walk Away
  7. Quit Smoking: If you are habituated to smoking, it’s time you switch it and make healthier choices. Not only tobacco causes cancer, it is one of the reasons why gas is produced in the body making you uncomfortable! It makes you inhale excess air which results in more gas. Quit it and see a drastic difference in your overall body!lifestyle Changes to prevent gas and bloating- Quit Smoking
  8. Say Bye To Soda: If you are obsessed with having that glass of soda or cold drink every day, it’s time you say bye to it or at least cut down how much you consume! Carbonated drinks worsen the gas problem. Also, avoid fruit juices like apple and pear juice because they are high in fructose corn syrup which worsens gas problems! One of the main reason and causes of gas in StomachHow to Reduce Stomach Bloating - Avoid Soda
  9. Say Yes To Water: Water is really important for your body, and you need adequate amounts to keep your body healthy! It is a fact that too much water may result in bloating, however, the lesser known fact is that if you don’t sip enough on that H2O, it results in long-term bloating which may be really difficult to ward off!How to Prevent Bloating - Drink Water
  10. Stop Eating Processed Food: Processed foods are high in preservatives, which cause the excessive amount of sodium to be stored in your body which results in gas in stomach or Abdominal pain. Avoid microwavable foods like burgers, chips to keep the salt levels balanced and thus prevent bloating!How to Prevent Bloating - Stop Eating Processed Food

So, these were the 10 lifestyle habits you need to change to prevent gas and bloating that you can inculcate in your daily life. However, if the condition worsens and nothing helps, it’s always nice to see a doctor!

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Are you convinced now to give these bad Lifestyle habits? Do you suffer from Bloating?

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