10 Foods That Boost Metabolism Naturally

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10 Foods That Boost Metabolism Naturally

We often struggle with either losing weight or managing weight, either way, it requires our metabolism to be in perfect shape, as it directly influences weight control.  Metabolism is basically a process in your body, which makes the food we consume and turns it into energy by transforming it into oxygen. The body makes use of this energy to carry out different body functions. The metabolic rate differs from one person to the other, while some may be able to burn more calories than needed; some people require a lot of effort to get rid of that extra bunch of calories!Food that Boost Metabolism Naturally

People who are leaner with muscle in their bodies are known to burn more calories as they have a high metabolism. Your gender and age also contribute to how well your metabolic system is, i.e. Men burn more calories than women and tend to lose weight quickly due to the presence of more muscle than fats. On the contrary, as you grow with age, your metabolism seems to recede due to the loss of flexibility in the body, making you burn lesser calories. The metabolism of a person decreases from 5 to 10 percent per decade.

How to Improve Metabolic Rate?

  1. Make sure to drink water every day, it is the best thing you will be doing for your body to increase metabolism.
  2. Consuming Vitamin D will keep the metabolism in full swing, as one of the main reasons you do not lose much weight is due to the lack of Vitamin D in the body.
  3. Have a cup of coffee/tea or green tea every day; do not cut it down completely as it keeps the metabolic system active by keeping you alert and attentive,
  4. Stress is bad for your health, Sleep at least eight hours per day.
  5. Track the number of calories you consume every day, including proteins in your diet and try to eat smaller meals at regular intervals of time.

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Foods that Boost Metabolism Naturally:

  1. Egg Whites: Eggs are great for your overall health, being rich in Amino Acids, Proteins, and Vitamin D, egg whites are a great source of boosting up your metabolism and keeping it active.Food that improve Metabolism Naturally - Egg whites
  2. Cold Water: Needless to stress the importance of water in your everyday life! Your metabolism slows down when the fluid in your body is not adequate. Consume at least eight liters of water every day i.e. Cold water as it forces the body to use up more calories to warm it up.Food to increase metabolism - Cold Water
  3. Coffee/Green Tea: Caffeine is an instant pick me up for people, and if you cannot go a day without having that sip of caffeine, you should definitely not stop consuming at least one cup per day. Coffee/Green Tea helps ward of laziness/lethargy and enhances your workout endurance. People who consume a combination of coffee and green tea burn a lot more calories. So if you wondering how to speed up Metabolism to lose weight it is one of the best tricks!Food for Fast metabolism - Coffee Green Tea
  4. Chili Peppers: Rich in Vitamin C, chili peppers contain a chemical known as capsaicin that kicks start metabolism in the highest gear hence increases metabolism rate. A study suggests adding at least one tablespoon of chopped chili peppers to your meals once per day.Food to increase metabolism - Chilli Peppers
  5. Fish: Fish is amazing for burning calories and keeping your metabolism high as it contains Omega 3 fatty acids that help keep the metabolic rate high. Fish oil is one of the best ways to increase fat burning enzymes in the body. Also Read: Cardio Workouts for Weightloss at HomeFood that Boost Metabolism Naturally - Fish
  6. Lentils: Lentils contain fibers, carbohydrates, and proteins. Did you know? About 20 percent women suffer from Iron deficiency which is one of the causes your body isn’t in the best shape, especially around the waistline. Have a cup of lentils every day and it will take care of your iron needs! This will not only keep you healthy but also speed up your metabolism to lose weight.Food that Boost Metabolism Naturally - Lentils
  7. Seeds and Nuts: Seeds and nuts are a power house of energy; try to include walnuts, pistachios, almonds, Brazil nuts, flax seeds and sunflower seeds in your diet. The protein content in these makes the body burn more fats to digest these nuts while the seeds help boost up the metabolism. These are among the best metabolism foods.Food for Fast metabolism - Seeds and Nuts
  8. Leafy Vegetables: Broccoli, Spinach, Asparagus, and Avocados have high iron, protein and mineral content present within them which makes them fall in high metabolism foods category. These offer you a lot of energy to keep you going and fulfill all your everyday body needs.Food for Fast metabolism - Leafy Vegertables
  9. Milk: A high source of calcium; Milk helps metabolize the fats in your body. You can also consume Yogurt as it is a probiotic which helps with digestion and keeps you active and cool.Food that improve Metabolism Naturally -Milk
  10. Lean Meat: Lean Meat is a rich source of Iron, one of the major reasons why metabolism slows down is definitely the lack of iron. Consuming at least two servings of lean meat or iron rich foods will help with metabolism.HIgh Metabolism Foods - Lean Meat

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Food plays a major role in keeping the metabolic system boosted and in good condition. It keeps the metabolic system active and keeps the energy levels up so you feel much lighter and fresher than ever before. So, try to include these Metabolism Increasing foods in your diet and improve your metabolism rate to lose weight.

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Which of the 10 foods that boost Metabolism Naturally are you going to sneak into your diet?

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