10 Best Ways to Celebrate Green Diwali: Eco-friendly Diwali This Year

Posted on Oct 29 2016 - 10:00am by poonam

10 Best Ways to Celebrate Green Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights, peace, sweets, and decorations and so on. But eventually the meaning has changed over time. Now, instead of making Rangoli for Diwali we prefer to go for crackers. Crackers we burst, plays its part towards noise as well as air pollution. Cutting down on crackers doesn’t mean you cant have fun. Make the most of this festive season by following these ways to celebrate an Ecofriendly Diwali this year. best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali

Let’s stop polluting environment and make it easy for elderly and dogs to live during this festival by adopting these ideas of Green Diwali. Diwali is a celebration of the victory of good over the evil, and has nothing to do with crackers. So keeping that as our theme, we will share 10 ways you can celebrate a Green Diwali this year.

10 Best Ways to Celebrate Green Diwali:

  1. Switch to Diyas: Switch the electric lights and candles with diyas this year- The electric lights everyone uses consume tons of electricity which is completely unnecessary. And the candles are generally petroleum based which emits toxins. So give your house an authentic look and go for diyas.best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-ecofriendly-diya
  2. Bio-degradable decorations-  Every year on Diwali we tend to buy plastic decorations for our house which are easily available in the market. The plastic itself plus the paints used on them are toxic. So instead opt for fresh flowers, banana and mango leaves to decorate your house this Diwali.best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-ecofriendly-diwali-lamps best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-ecofriendly-diwali-decoration best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-diy-diwali-decoration
  3. Bio-degradable Crockery- During the festive season, the guests come and go very frequently and so it becomes really difficult to manage the expensive dinner set every time. So instead use bio-degradable crockery and save yourself some hassle too.best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-biodegradable-crockery
  4. Bring Everyone Together- Plan something where all your closed ones meet at a single place to celebrate this festival. It will not only bring more joy but cut down on the cost of sweets, lights, decorations, crackers, food etc.best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-celebrate-together
  5. Handmade Greeting Card- If you’re the kind who likes to give out greeting cards to your closed ones, try making them on your own this Diwali. Everyone will really appreciate the efforts you put into it and you can easily personalize it as well.best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-handmade-diwali-cards best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-handmade-diwali-greeting-cards
  6. Organic Rangoli- Now the rangoli we make these days requires either chemical based paints or colours. Since we are going green this Diwali, I think we should go all out and opt for eco-friendly products. So use flower petals, turmeric powder, kumkum and so on.best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-organic-rangoli best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-ecofriendly-rangoli
  7. Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Station– This Diwali when you gift something, make sure to wrap it in paper wraps or newspapers. The plastic wrapping sheets that you generally use is non-biodegradable. Anyway it’s the gift and the thought behind it that counts.best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-ecofriendly-newspaper-diwali-gift-wrapping best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-ecofriendly-gift-wrapping best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-ecofriendly-fabric-diwali-gift-wrapping best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-ecofriendly-diwali-gift-wrapping
  8. Go eco-friendly on the crackers- However, bursting crackers should be completely stopped but children love them and it’s a next to impossible task to convince them. So if you must burst crackers make sure they’re eco-friendly and don’t cause harm to our environment. Use the one that produce less sound like color light pencils.best-ways-to-celebrate-ecofriendly-diwali
  9. DIY Gifts- Instead of buying out stuff available in the market which uses cheap materials, colors, fabrics and son, give the gift making idea a try this Diwali. YOU can choose to make chocolates, cookies, a painting and so on. You can also gift them a framed picture of yours together.best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-homemade-diwali-gifts
  10. Homemade Sweets- Especially during the festive time, the sweets available in the market are made up of cheap ingredients which are extremely unhygienic as well as unhealthy. Instead make the sweets at home using natural ingredients such as jaggery, flour, cream, chickpea flour and so on.best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-homemade-diwali-sweets best-ways-to-celebrate-green-diwali-homemade-sweets

These are 10 Best Ways to Celebrate Green Diwali and say no to crackers. Now, you know “How to celebrate Green Diwali” and save environment. If you are looking for Ideas for celebrating Eco friendly Diwali, hope these help!

Have a safe and happy Diwali.. 🙂

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How do you celebrate Diwali? Are you going to celebrate Green Diwali this year?

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