10 Best Photobooth Inspirations for Indian Wedding

Posted on Oct 2 2016 - 2:18am by poonam

10 Best Photobooth Inspirations for Indian Wedding

With growing obsession of selfies and sharing everything on social media, photo booths are becoming a must have for any event aka celebrations. Either, a personal affair, corporate event or a grand celebration, “Photo Booths” will definitely be the most popular thing among everyone.  As, you don’t have to struggle finding a beautiful background and get that perfect picture clicked. Today, I will be sharing some of the Best Photo booth Inspirations for Wedding Celebrations.10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-indian-wedding

You can look for Photo booth props and Photo booth Inspirations to help you choose the perfect wedding photo booth. Here are some Photo booth inspirations for Wedding that you can consider if you are planning to install a photo booth at your wedding.

10 Best Photo booth Inspirations for Indian Wedding:

  1. Peppy Scooter/Bicycle: This is one of my favorite things from photo booths. An attractive bright colored scooter or a floral decorated cycle to get pictures you have always wanted with your best buddies. It is one of the most  trending wedding photo booth props.10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-peppy-scooter
  2. Indian Desi: Another awesome DIY Photo booth where you can place things that you have been seeing since ages like those paper birds hung in background with a vegetable seller trolley decorated impeccably with flowers and some of your favorite pictures.10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-desi-charm
  3. Simple Hung Frames: Another favorite of mine. Pictures clicked with frames turns out just amazing. This wedding photo booth props are easy to create and the pictures just turns out amazing10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-frames-and-quotes
  4. Big Floral Frames:  And if the frames are embellished with flowers it will add that beautiful charm to the pictures. This wedding photo booth is perfect for day time wedding in the lap of nature10-Best-Photobooth-Inspirations-for-Wedding-Celebrations-Floral-Frames
  5. Instagram Frames: This Instagram Photo Booth will be perfect for insta addicts who have to share everything on instagram. 10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-instagram-frame
  6. Polaroid Frame: If you love polaroid and adore the quick images to make the moments memorable. These Polaroid cut out frames would be perfect for reception or day time wedding.10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-polaroid-frames
  7. Quirky Quotes: If you have no time to get the photo booth arranged the easiest way is to get some quirky quotes on the comic bubbles or arrows which you can cut out from a paper. You can look for some online tutotials on how to make photo booth props and you will be sorted.10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-crazy-calls10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-funny-quotes-2
  8. Funky Accessories: Another affordable option to jazz up your pictures without too much of efforts. Grab some of the oversized glasses, Feather boas, Magician hats, floral crowns, mustaches and pouts from a local party shop and you are done. These easy DIY props for wedding will totally jazz up the wedding pictures.10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-funny-props10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-props
  9. Speak Your Mind: You can even ask guests to write messages for the newly weds and hold them up in their picture. This makes an easy party props for photo booth wedding.10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-speak-your-mind10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-finger-quotes10-best-photobooth-inspirations-for-wedding-celebrations-funny-quotes
  10. Signage Photo Booth: Hold the signs for your partner sharing what you feel about them cut out in beautiful shapes. They add that much needed jazz to the pictures.


So, now your guests will have fun at your wedding and will have some amazing pictures that will be etched in their memories for years. These Photo Booth Ideas for Weddings is one of the best things that you can have at your big day and I am sure you will love it, every time you will look at the craziness that happened at your wedding. So, get some Photos to remember” clicked at your big day with these beautiful Photo Booths.

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Have you seen photobooths in any of the weddings recently? Which is your favorite of all? 

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