10 Best Eye Shadows in India

Posted on Jul 30 2016 - 10:00am by poonam

Best Eye Shadows in India

I have always been asked about which are the Best Eye Shadows in India in the affordable range. Though, earlier there weren’t many options but with more and more brands joining in, we now have a decent number to choose from.

I prefer Eye shadow palettes over singles as they are easy to store and travel. But, if you are not a makeup junkie and just want few shades in your vanity then single eye shadows are for you. I am trying to cover all the budget-friendly brands that are easily available online or in stores. Best Eye Shadows in India

So, lets see who make it to our list of Top 10 Eye Shadows in India.

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10 Best Eye Shadows in India:

1. Miss Claire Single Eye Shadows (Rs 100- Rs 150) Miss Claire Single Eye Shadows are one of the most affordable eye shadows available in India. The formula however differs from shade to shade but their pearl finish eye shadows are the best. The color payoff is decent and they last long with a primer underneath. For the price I actually don’t mind the packaging and the quality. Just pick a few basic shades to start with.

2. PAC Single Eye Shadows (Rs 250 /350): PAC Single Eye Shadows have silky texture which applies and blends smoothly. These are pigmented colors which give rich color payoff. They are available in variety of shades and different finishes. These have 18 brilliant metallics and 10 matte shades These come in refill packaging and can be put together to form a customized eye shadow palette. Sadly, these don’t have names but numbers which makes it hard to remember shades. These are available in 2 sized Big and small. I already have a few in my list and I can’t wait to try them! Definitely, one of the best value for money eye shadows.Best Eye Shadows In India - PAC Eye Shadows

3. Makeup Revolution London Mono Eye Shadows (Rs 295- Rs 399) – Makeup Revolution London Mono Eye Shadows are one of the most affordable eye shadows with great quality. These mono eye shadows bring a vivid colour to the eyes, that is very buildable and lasts all day. The payoff and intensity is truly amazing and so affordable you will want them all. Apart from different finishes they come in 2 different textures. I haven’t tried but the baked eye shadows look so pretty to look at. I cant wait to add few of these gems to my collection.Best Eye Shadows in India- Makeup Revolution London

4. Freedom Makeup London Mono Eyeshadow (Rs 350): Freedom Makeup London is another affordable brand from London which provides us with this huge collection of eye shadows to choose from. Most of the eye shadows have a buttery smooth texture with good color payoff. The formula applies easily and blends beautifully on lids. The eye shadows are available on jabong at discount so you might want to check them out. These are available in 23 different shades and textures with some beautiful brights. I have them on my wish list for sure!Best Eye Shadows in India- Freedom Makeup London

5. Max Factor Earth Spirits Eye Shadow (Rs 420) Max Factor Earth Spirits Eye Shadow has a light, silky-smooth texture. It contains micro colour pigments which are anti-creasing and anti-fading. The formula is long lasting and these are available in matte and shimmer shades. There are in total 18 shades with a wide variety of colours that helps produce a subtle day or a stunning night look.Best Eye Shadows in India- Maxfactor

6. L’Oreal Infallible Mono Eye Shadows (Rs 525): L’Oreal Infallible Mono Eye Shadows contains ultra-concentrated color pigments that give an intense color finish to make eyes look even more attractive. They have velvety soft texture with satiny smooth feel just like creamy eye shadows. The eye shadows are fabulously pigmented and go opaque even without a primer. The formula is long lasting and refuses to budge once applied. I have tried L’Oreal Infallible Endless Chocolate and I am in love with the eye shadow, an absolute must-have shade. Available in 8 shades: Forever Pink, Hourglass Beige, Flashback Silver, Burning Black, Permanent Khaki, Eternal Black, Endless ChocolateBest Eye Shadows in India- Loral Paris Infallible Mono

7. INGLOT Freedom System Eye Shadows (Rs 550): INGLOT Freedom System Eye Shadows have been my obsession. One of the first eye shadows I have tried and was absolutely smitten by their formula. The eye shadows have buttery smooth texture. They are packed with pigments and blends in beautifully. I also love that they come in a number of finishes from matte, shine to shimmery. They comes in both refill and single eye shadow packaging but these also just have numbers. They were be priced at Rs 250 but now they are quite expensive.Best Eye Shadows in India- INGLOT Freedom System Eye Shadows

8. Colorbar Single Emphaseyes Eye Shadows (Rs 550 –RS 599): Colorbar is the only indian drugstore brand that came up with mono eye shadows at least that was the case few years back. I have tried 4 Colorbar eye shadows (old formula) and absolutely loved them for the price. The color payoff, formula, texture, staying power everything is perfect. Their new line of shadows, Colorbar Single Emphaseyes Eye Shadows features a completely revamped assortment of shades and textures from Matte to Pearly to High shimmer. The proprietary blend of ingredients allows color to weave itself through the formula resulting in insane color payout, color that stays on your lids, and sparkle that doesn’t fall. Overall, a great pick if you want to invest in a few best quality eye shadows. They are available in 27 shades and have some pretty brights in the collection too. But if you love subtle shades do checkout their bakes collection Colorbar Single Emphaseyes Baked Eye Shadows which come in 3 shadesBest Eye Shadows in India-Colorbar emphaseyes baked eyeshadow

9. NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow (Rs 625) : NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadows have unique formulation which is easy to blend and build on. These amazing shades are inspired by the latest fashion runway trends and are statement for any occasion. They have shades that are edgy and natural. The eye shadows are highly pigmented and give an intense pay off. Though they are priced high in India but if you get them on a deal, don’t miss out on these. I am also eying to grab few of these. These NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow are available in massive 88 shades covering all the colors like pink, blues, Yellow, green, browns and purples.Best Eye Shadows in India- NYX HOt Singles

10. The Body Shop Color Crush Eye Shadows ( Rs 695) The Body Shop Color Crush Eye Shadows are intensely pigmented whether pearlescent or matt eyeshadow. They have silky-soft texture which is easy to blend and great for building layers of colour. The formula is amazing and can be used wet or dry. Right now they have 4 shades on the Indian website (25 on the USA one) but I am sure they have more in the collection in India.Best Eye Shadows in India- The Body Shop

So, this concludes my list of 10 Best Eye Shadows in India. I have tried a few of them and if you ask me to pick just 3 from the list they will be PAC Eye Shadows, INGLOT Eye Shadows and L’Oreal Infallible Mono Eye Shadows. I would love to add Colorbar Eye shadows too here.

Hope this helps you decide which one to try!

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Have you tried any of these Best Eye shadows in India? Which is your favorite Eye Shadow

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  1. MariyamJuly 31, 2016 at 11:39 AM - Reply

    NYX eyeshadows look really good! I got to try one of those 🙂

  2. SwathiAugust 1, 2016 at 10:50 AM - Reply

    Lovely compilation. Single eyeshadows come in handy specially basic shades. I want to try L’Oreal Infallible Mono Eye Shadows 🙂

  3. Sangeeta GAugust 6, 2016 at 2:29 AM - Reply

    I love L’Oreal Infallible Mono Eye Shadows.. sadly I can’t find them in stores in India anymore.

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