Why Cleaning Makeup Brushes is Important!!

by poonam


Why Cleaning Makeup Brushes is Important!!

There is no denying to the fact that Makeup helps you flaunt flawless skin but if hygiene is not maintained the same thing could ruin your skin. So, cleaning makeup brushes on a regular basis is one thing which must be followed by anyone indulged in Makeup. I knew the next question shooting form your side is gonna be WHY!! Why is it at all important …. How does it make a difference…. !!! What the Helll….. Buzz offfff ..  But wait !!! I will tell u why it’s important to wash your make-up brushes regularly.

Why Clean Makeup Brushes

Every time you use makeup brushes to pick up the products be it foundation/concealer/Blush/Eye Shadow or anything, some of it gets deposited on the brush bristles which builds up by time and also natural oils from your skin gets transferred to the brushes when they come in contact to your skin during application. These natural oils and product traces on the brush acts as a breeding ground for bacteria which gets transferred to your face with next application.. (yikkesssss) and leads to spots and even pimplesss.. (ooouucchhh!!)

Why Clean Makeup Brushes-SkinInfections

Just think how much bacteria you are putting on your face daily along with makeup.. and you blamed the innocent foundation for that unwanted pimple on your cheek !!! (huhhhh … :P)

Also, if you have been using the same eye shadow/lip brush for days they may start altering the actual color (in the Pan) you want (on the Eyes/Lips) due to leftovers of previous Eye shadow/ lip color on the brush.  (Nooooo!!!!!)

Why Clean Makeup Brushes-ProductContamination

And these bacterial depositions on brush may also start contaminating your products and can lead to allergies and infections. (Whattttt……..??!!!####)

Makeup buildup on your brushes will make them feel scratchyyyyy…., Is this enough or shall I tell you more about harmful effects of dirty brushes.. 😛 😛

Why Clean Makeup Brushes-ProductDepostion

So, in conclusion all this makeup and bacterial buildup on brushes must be removed on a regular basis. Cleaning brushes regularly will not only help keeping skin infections at bay but also maintain their lifespan and leave the brushes soft and supple. Now, with cleansed brushes you can enjoy them again as if they were new. Don’t overlook your makeup brushes they are in a desperate need of a bath!!!

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8 Reasons on Why Makeup brushes bath is so important:-

  1. Product Deposition on Bristles
  2. Alters the Shade on application
  3. Natural oils from Skin getting transmitted to brushes
  4. Converts into Bacteria’s Breeding Ground
  5. Contaminates products
  6. Can lead to skin allergies and infections
  7. Turns Scratchy
  8. Reduces their Life Span

 Do you clean your Makeup brushes regularly?