What Am I Wearing Today: Bright Neonish Pink Lips

by poonam


What Am I Wearing Today: Bright Neon Pink Lips

I love bright pinks but just shy away from carrying such brilliant shades on lips. Today was “Dare to Wear” kind of a day as I donned this neonish-pink glossy lips paired with two toned eye makeup with copper and pearly taupe brown shade.

What Am I Wearing Today-Bright Neon Pink Lips

As you can see it is again a bad attempt at eye makeup :-|. It was the first time I tried doing a cut-crease eye makeup look but failed terribly  🙁 .

I used a dark coppery brown from INGLOT in shimmery finish to define the crease and a soft taupe brown all over the lids but owing to my hooded eyes, I couldn’t get the crease right and the colour sort of transferred to my lids. I used Maybelline Hyperglossy liner in black to frame my eyes with a little wing but as my eyes folded the colour was over the liner as well. I will not be giving this technique a rest until I succeed with decent results. 😉

So, to perk up the look as well as my mood I went for these lustrous bright pink lip. I used a neonish-pink lip liner topped with similar toned just a tad deeper NYX lip cream for a glossy sheen.

Products Used:-

  1. INGLOT Freedom System Eye Shadow Pearl #402
  2. INGLOT Freedom System Eye Shadow Pearl #421
  3. Maybelline Hyperglossy Liquid Eye Liner – Black
  4. Bourjois Kohl & Contour Eye Pencil – Noir Expert
  5. Diana Of London Lip Liner – Rose Blush
  6. NYX Xtreme Lip Cream – Pinky Nude

Do share your feedback through comments 🙂 🙂

 Have you tried cut crease Eye Makeup? DO you prefer Smokey Eyes over Cut Crease?