Tips to Protect Hair from Harsh Winters

by poonam


Tips to protect hair from Harsh Winters

Rough and dry hair is a common sight during winters as harsh winter winds leaves hair dry and frizzy so we must refurbish our hair care regime to regain their health and shine. Here I am sharing some tips to prevent hair from turning into lifeless hay like texture.


1. Cover Your hair:- The dry winter winds takes away moisture from scalp and leaves it all dry and flaky. So before stepping out always cover them with a scarf or wear a hat/cap.

2. Use Lukewarm water for hairwash:- We all love hot water baths in winter as cold water give jitters  but hot water is extremely damaging to already dry scalp and will make it more dry  leaving you with dull frizzy hair. So, wash off with Lukewarm water than hot water.


3. Conditioner Treat:- Like our skin and lips hair also need to be treated with moisturizers to keep them conditioned. So, either apply heavy conditioners or home made packs with lemon and curd to provide natural nourishment to your hair. Or treat yourself with a head massage with warm hair oil.


4. Let them dry Naturally:- Try to avoid blow dryers in winters as the excessive heats sucks up moisture from your tresses leaving them all the more dry.


5. Stay Hydrated:- Drink lots and lots of water as it removes impurities and cleanses out our system which also helps in making our hair appear healthier and shinier.


Try these hair care tips to prevent your hair from drying and turning to frizzy and unmanageable this winters.

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Happy Hair 🙂