Tag Post: The Versatile Blogger Award

by poonam


Tag Post: The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello Everyone, I have been MIA for few days actually there is so much going on on personal and professional front that I couldn’t devote much any time on the blog but I have an exciting series coming up so stay tuned girls. Coming back to the Award, I have tagged by so many of my beautiful friends for this lovely award.. feeling blessed! 🙂 . Thanks a ton girls Riya from MyMakeandBeautyVanity, Sahana from Glamour Journals, Shivi from Cosmochics, Arzoo from SimplyPrettyandHealthy and Esha from WellnessandVanity for nominating me for this lovely award.

Tag Post -Versatile-blogger-award

With all these tagging going on in the blogging world, always bring a big smile to my face and I feel connected and loved. <3

Rules of the versatile blogger award:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Include the link of her blog.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  • Finally, tell the person who nominated you & do tell 7 things about yourself.

7 Random Things about Me:

1. Keep me Busy: I don’t like to sit idle and like it best when I am overloaded with work, multitasking helps to get it done but there shouldn’t be any undue pressure and no deadlines pleasee. 😉

My first love..  Dance <3: I always dreamt to be a dancer and have a passion for dancing. I can dance whole night, remember those crazy friend birthday parties, where we just dances our heart out. My legs automatically start following the beats.. Party All Night!! ;)… I know salsa and have always participated in all sort of dance competitions at school and college level.. 🙂
Weight Issues – I am obsessed with not getting fat. I can do anything to stay away from bulging flab. I gain weight easily so try to restrict myself from fried and fast foods as much as possible. I can wake up 5 in the morning to go for a walk, love Yoga and Aerobics and all other sorts of exercise regimes that held me reduce weight and makes me look healthy and fit.

Versatile Blogger Tag - Keep Me Busy

Friends Forever –I am not very outgoing or friends at first meet knida person. I do not really get into any conversation and normally reserved to myself.  I am not the one who will make friends in the first meet but with time it is gonna be deeper and a beautiful friendship, Friends are for a life time for me.

Versatile Blogger Tag - Weight issues

Adventure Addict: I hate boring outings and the usual sight seeing trips. I like it to be adventurous, add something interesting, challenging and competitive. I wanna do Sky Diving, Cliff jumping  and hot air balloon ride are on my list before I die.

Versatile Blogger Tag - Love Dance

Love Challenges :- I like to be challenged.  I can jump of a cliff if challenged or If I see anybody doing it with ease. I see it as a challenge but I just love to do such insane things.

Versatile Blogger Tag - Adventue Addiction

High Heels – I would mostly be spotted in heels as I look shorter in flats…keep it Seccyy than be at ease. For outings, where I have to walk a lot, I would prefer to pick snickers or sport shoes to be at my comfort best. Also I prefer closed ones than open ones as it leaves me with dirty, tanned feet.. a big no for me!!

Versatile Blogger Tag - Dont Challenge Me
Versatile Blogger Tag - High Heels

Time to nominate another set of awesome bloggers, The Nominations are..(in the tone of Bollywood award ceremonies.. )

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  4. Radha Indian Beauty Zone
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  11. Gowthami from Beauty Frontline
  12. S Moni from Srinjla
  13. Revathy from Health and Beauty
  14. Parul from Precious Pearl
  15. Dollie from Indian Sringar

PS :- I do not own any of the images.

Hope you liked and enjoyed the post! 🙂